Resetting the Conversation on Purity

We have been unable to separate debate on polytheist concepts from our feelings about individual polytheists. Our discussion of the role of purity in polytheism has been derailed by impurities in our conversation. If I was a hipster I’d revel in the irony. [Read more…]

Are We Bringing Sin Into Paganism?

Let’s be as pious and as pure as we can be. But at the end of the day, let’s put living virtuously and heroically ahead of following anyone’s rules. [Read more…]

Purity: Its Necessity and Its Abuses

Most Pagans and many polytheists cast circles, do house cleansings, and put up wards. We understand the necessity for purity, even if we don’t always take it as far as we should. But there are times when the concept of purity can be abused. [Read more…]