Five Ritualists at Dinner

dining room table

From the comments on my last post, both here and (appropriately enough) on social media, I’m far from the only one who has dreams of a Druid college.  This isn’t surprising – formal education is prominent in our lives.  From the time we’re old enough to leave our mothers for a few hours we’re in school:  kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school.  Many of us go on to college or university and some of us go back again, and again.  We’re told that education is the key to a good li … [Read more...]

Dreams of a Druid College

Tatev Monastery in Armenia.  Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Sometimes I dream of a Druid college.Part ancient monastery and part modern university, it would be a place where Druids, Witches, and other Pagans would come to learn from and with the best and brightest.  Most would come for a short time, studying advanced topics, deepening their practices and then returning to their communities to teach and serve.  Some would stay longer, researching and experimenting and documenting their findings to share with the college and the wider community.  Ot … [Read more...]

Passing on the Faith – The Hidden Questions

Denton CUUPS Beltane 2013 12

I wasn’t planning to write on the latest Patheos discussion question “Passing on the Faith.”  But yesterday P. Sufenas Virius Lupus posted a very good essay on the topic and today Jason Mankey shared his thoughts.  While I have no argument with either of those responses, they’ve caused me to give the question some more thought.Full disclosure:  I write as a Pagan practitioner and leader, not as a parent.  Cathy and I were in our mid 20s when got married – we knew we didn’t want children any t … [Read more...]