When a God Turns You Upside Down

The direct experience of the Gods can be an amazing, fulfilling, path-confirming experience. It can also be an on-going experience of sheer terror. If a God turns you upside down, find someone who understands what’s happened and talk with them. [Read more…]

Talking About Our Experiences

Our mainstream society is the reverse of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Instead of claiming to see something that isn’t there so everyone will think we’re good and righteous, we pretend we don’t see things our senses tell us are there, so everyone will think we’re rational and sophisticated. [Read more…]

The Otherworld is Bleeding Through

I saw a green glowing bird this morning. I don’t think it belongs in this world, but there it was. The Otherworld is bleeding over into the ordinary world in a way nobody alive has ever seen. [Read more…]

An Introduction to Religious Experience

There is a great lack of understanding of religious experience in our contemporary Western society. This is not surprising. Religious experiences are messy, they’re subjective, and they don’t play by the rules of orthodoxy – they’re hard for religious leaders to control. [Read more…]

Religion That Works

Religion that works deals with religious matters. It does so honestly, transparently, and unapologetically. If we water down our deepest traditions in the name of unity, we end up with a religion that doesn’t work. [Read more…]

A Skeptic’s Guide to Gods and Spirits

We live in a thoroughly materialist culture – many of us are reluctant to discuss our spiritual experiences for fear of being dismissed, ridiculed, or even shunned. Yet these experiences are real, powerful, and waiting for us to figure out what they mean. What can skeptics do when they counter Gods and spirits? [Read more…]

Listening To The Gods

When we listen to the Gods we allow Them to speak to us here and now. If we want to avoid following the monotheistic religions into stagnant orthodoxy and an obsession with the written word, let’s learn to experience Them directly and intimately. [Read more…]

Religion and Smart People – A Reasonable Response to Unreasonable Smugness

Don’t try to tell me I need to abandon a path that’s proved meaningful and helpful just because some people believe some dumb things and some smart people don’t believe anything at all. Religion is much more than belief. [Read more…]