A Druid in the Marketplace of Religions

07 30 Cliffs of Mohor

I used to have a boss who’d get upset when I’d qualify my answers.  “Yes, we can have that job finished a week early, if a key supplier gets their parts here early, if the engineer’s design doesn’t require any modifications, and if the assemblers work more overtime than we have a right to require.”  He wanted an enthusiastic “yes!”  I felt I owed him an honest assessment of the situation.I’ve tried to carry that honesty into my religious writing and speaking, partially because it’s the right … [Read more...]

A Reasoned Defense of Paganism


Even in its Big Tent form, Paganism is a distinctly minority religion.  And that’s OK – we’re mostly happy staying under the radar.  We have no divine mandate to convert the world to Paganism, and besides, we’re growing as fast as our infrastructure of groups and teachers can manage.Still, conversion is an issue with Pagans.  Most of us have converted from some other religion, and there is constant pressure from the more vocal religions (some subtle, some not) to abandon our chosen path.O … [Read more...]

Am I Doing It Right?

08 09 Well of Tara

I’ve got at least one more travel-related post to write, plus a review of a book I read on the trip.  But I need to pause for a moment and discuss a question that’s come up several times from several sources over the past few weeks.Am I doing Paganism right?  Am I doing polytheism right?  More precisely, how can I be sure I’m doing it right?This isn’t a common Pagan question.  Pagans tend to assume whatever they’re doing is right – “do as thou wilt is the whole of the law” doesn’t just ap … [Read more...]

Why I Am a Devotional Polytheist

Cernunnos pendant 4

I have mixed feelings about the current arguments around the definition of “polytheist.”As a Big Tent Pagan – and as a Unitarian Universalist – I don’t much care what the person standing next to me in the circle believes about the Gods.  I care that they honor the Gods, but whether they honor  Them as distinct individual beings or as aspects of the Divine or as representations of natural forces or as metaphors and archetypes isn’t really my concern.  Make your offerings and embody Their virtu … [Read more...]

Facilitating Religious Experiences

fire - October 2013

I get uneasy any time I find myself starting to say “Paganism is (fill in the blank).”  Paganism is many things and as soon as you go making definitive statements, someone else is there to offer a counter example.  But I feel fairly confident in saying that modern Paganism is an experiential religion.  Paganism isn’t something you believe, it’s something you do.  And when you do it just right, when the timing is just right, when the gods are looking favorably on us, the experience can be amazing. … [Read more...]


Danu statue by Maxine Miller

As a polytheist I recognize all gods, I honor many, and I work with and for a few.  But I have a very close relationship with two:  Cernunnos and Danu.  They claimed me as theirs and I serve them as priest.Cernunnos is first among equals.  He spoke to me long ago when I still thought there was only one god.  He introduced himself again when I began my Druid studies.  I’ve communed with him (intimately at times), I’ve written about him, and I’ve led rituals in his honor.Danu has been more … [Read more...]