Texas Adoption Discrimination Bill – It’s Complicated

“A governmental entity or any person that … operates under governmental authority to refer or place children for child welfare services may not discriminate or take any adverse action against a child welfare services provider on the basis, wholly or partly, that the provider has declined or will decline to provide, facilitate, or refer a [Read More…]

It’s Not All The Same And That’s OK

Articulating religious differences is not an insult. I don’t have to affirm your beliefs and practices to affirm your inherent value and worth, nor to vigorously support your right to believe and practice as you see fit. [Read more…]

Responding to the Religiously Obnoxious

I’m a big proponent of doing what it takes to get along. But at some point, “getting along” becomes “pretending to be someone you aren’t.” I’ve crossed that line before, sometimes knowingly and sometimes mindlessly. It never ended well. [Read more…]