Imbolc and the Promise of Spring

Imbolc reminds us that spring has always followed winter and so our work is not in vain. Spring will follow winter this time too… no matter how long winter lasts. [Read more…]

The Pagan Wisdom of King Arthur

Arthur is the Once and Future King, but he is not returning at some future time to rule in a perfect Camelot forever and ever amen. Arthur will return – and has returned – when he is needed. [Read more…]

Building Contemporary Indigenous Polytheism

Without a cultural context and foundation, a religious or spiritual practice is at best weakened and may cause far more harm than good. What is the cultural context for contemporary Western polytheism? [Read more…]

Solstice Morning at Newgrange

If Newgrange is to have meaning for us beyond historical curiosity, it will not be in deciphering why it was built or how it was used. Rather, its meaning for us lies in how it moves us to do now what the ancient Irish did then: to celebrate the Solstice, and to honor our ancestors. [Read more…]

Honoring Our Ancestors, Sustaining Our Relationships

It is Samhain – “summer’s end” – and it is time to honor and remember our ancestors. Death has not ended our relationships with family and friends, for love never dies. It has simply transformed the relationships into something different, something that needs our work to sustain. [Read more…]

Why I’m An OBOD Druid

There is no best Druid order, just different orders that fit individuals very well or not so well. If you feel called to Druidry, do some on-line investigation, read a few books, talk to some people who have first-hand experience, and make the best choice for you. This is why I’m an OBOD Druid. [Read more…]

History is Inspirational Not Authoritative

Ronald Hutton’s new book Pagan Britain shows how history can provide a framework and inspiration for our own beliefs and practices, but it cannot tell us the One Right and True Way. If history teaches us anything it’s that there is no One Right and True Way. [Read more…]

Top 10 Posts on Under the Ancient Oaks

Here are the ten most popular posts since I moved to Patheos in January 2013. Some I expected to be popular and some I’m shocked they did so well, but they all have one thing in common – you and the other readers really liked them. [Read more…]