Missing the Point on Scapegoats

When two thirds of the commenters are missing the point, I have to accept that this time the problem isn’t the readers, it’s the writer. [Read more…]

There Are No Scapegoats in Modern Paganism

This month’s Patheos Public Square topic is “The Sacrifice: Religions and the Role of the Scapegoat.” As best I can tell, all the entries are from Christians, Muslims, or Jews. That’s probably for the best – there are no scapegoats in Paganism. [Read more…]

4 Reasons Baseball Is A Pagan Game

Baseball is a Pagan game, but I no desire to claim it for us. It’s a wonderful game, played passionately by many people in many parts of the world. It belongs to everyone who ever picked up a bat and glove or who cheers for those who do. [Read more…]

Why We Make Offerings

If you’re new to polytheism, especially if you come from a Protestant background where religion is all about beliefs, dogma, and the written word, the idea of offerings may strike you as odd or unnecessary. But for many of us, offerings are the cornerstone of our religious practice. [Read more…]

Top 10 Posts on Under the Ancient Oaks

2014 has been a very good year on Under the Ancient Oaks. Here are the Top 10 posts as measured by page views. [Read more…]

How Do We Know What the Gods Want?

Unquestioning belief is not a Pagan virtue. How do we know what we know about the Gods? It requires using all our ways of knowing. [Read more…]

Sacrifice and the Fear of Real Gods

Real Gods are a lot scarier than the polytheist next door killing, cleaning, and cooking a chicken in his back yard and seasoning it with prayers and invocations. [Read more…]

Sacramental Eating

All of Nature is sacred. But sacred or not, life feeds on life. What is your relationship with the living things that die so you can continue to live? Is it a conscious relationship? Is it an honest relationship? Is it in line with your values? [Read more…]