Samhain – Burning the Old Year

Most years I’m excited about the Otherworldly aspects of Samhain. This year I’m excited about the turning of the year, because the year that started last Samhain can’t end soon enough. [Read more…]

31 Movies for Halloween

These aren’t necessarily the best made or most influential movies, they’re the ones I like. They’re the movies that are on my shelf or that I’ll stop and watch if I see them on cable. [Read more…]

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Sore Quadriceps and the Reality of Pagan Priesthood

This is the reality of Pagan priesthood – it’s a lot of work. Not just the mental work of thinking, writing, and talking to people, and not just the spiritual work of meditation, prayer, and offerings. It’s also a lot of hot, hard, dirty physical work. [Read more…]

Pagan Thoughts on Death and the Afterlife

If I’m wrong and the atheists are right, then I will have had a good life where I did some good things and not too many harmful things. I will live on in the memories of those who knew me, and I will live on in the legacy of my deeds. If the fundamentalists are right, well, the fundamentalists aren’t right. [Read more…]

6 Signs It’s Getting Close To Samhain

Some of the signs that Samhain is getting close are silly and border on offensive, but they’re still signs that Samhain is coming. Fortunately, there are deep, serious, spiritual signs we can look for as well. [Read more…]

Nine Things I Think

Nine Things I Think: Pope Francis’ visit to the US, the VW emissions scandal, Bushkill Falls, Denton CUUPS Samhain, and more. [Read more…]

Counting on a Miracle

Recognizing a miracle is a beautiful thing. Counting on a miracle is a recipe for failure. [Read more…]

The Gods Laugh

We made detailed plans and preparations for our Samhain ritual. And then the Gods and ancestors showed up with plans of their own. [Read more…]