Thoughts on Death

04 08 Salem cemetery

Recently I received a private message asking for my thoughts on death: I was wondering if you might be interested in posting about death from a Pagan/Druid point of view? My wife and I recently lost our cat, whom we loved very much, and I was just curious what sort of wisdom you might have on the topic. First, my condolences on the loss of your cat.  Our animal friends are part of our families.  We care for them, they give us love, and in the process we’re reminded that all living things have i … [Read more...]

Samhain Divination

Pagan Community Reading 10.31.13

After the stream of trick or treaters has stopped and the fun of Halloween is over, my thoughts turn to Samhain.  Though my prayers will be adjusted for the holy day, our group celebration was last Saturday so I don’t feel the need for formal ritual tonight.  As I do almost every year, I break out my Tarot cards and do a reading for the coming year.I usually start by reviewing the previous year’s reading:  what did I get right, what did I misinterpret, and what did I flat-out miss?  Divinat … [Read more...]

Away, Come Away

neither land nor sea, neither day nor night

I’m seeing a lot of ancestor-related posts as Samhain approaches.  If it weren’t for our ancestors we quite literally wouldn’t be here – honoring them is right and good.  But I honor my ancestors as part of my daily prayers – it’s the first prayer in my afternoon cycle.  Virtually all our group rituals include at least an invitation for the ancestors to join us and offerings to welcome them.  So for me, Samhain isn’t ancestor time – that’s every day.When I think of Samhain I think of the thin … [Read more...]

The Joy of Halloween

Awen pumpkin

“What are you gonna be for Halloween?”That was one of my favorite questions growing up.  Sometimes it was a conversation with the kids at school.  Other times it was a question from my mother, wanting to figure out if she could get away with buying a boxed costume (the kind with the full-face hard plastic mask held on with a rubber band) or if I’d be begging her to sew something for me.The question wasn’t “what kind of a costume do you want?” or “what do you want to dress up as?”  It was … [Read more...]