Reincarnation and the Limits of Science

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A short while back an article from the University of Virginia Magazine came across my Facebook feed titled “The Science of Reincarnation.”  It describes the research into past life experiences by Jim B. Tucker, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia.  The article and the responses to it provide an interesting look not just at reincarnation, but also at the popular perceptions of science at the edges.Professor Tucker has studied over 2500 cases of past life memories.  … [Read more...]

Nature Religion?


Is Paganism a Nature religion? Should it be? The topic comes up periodically and recently we’ve had some thought-provoking and comment-inspiring essays, including this one from Sam Webster and this one from Gus diZerega.I’ve given up trying to define Paganism – that’s an impossible task. But in this big tent, there are Pagans who explicitly worship Nature as God/dess, Pagans who include Nature in their worship, and Pagans for whom Nature is at best secondary to their worship of the gods. Ther … [Read more...]

The Reality of Limits


On Saturday I wrote about how my decision not to attend Pantheacon was a question of limits. Today I’d like to explore the nature of limits in more detail, with particular attention to the relationship between limits and magic.In his book Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth, John Michael Greer devotes a whole chapter to The Law of Limits, which he describes as follows: The Law of Limits: Everything that exists is subject to limits arising from its own nature, the nature of the whole s … [Read more...]

The Myth of Magic

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There are many views on magic in the Big Tent of Paganism.  For some, magic isn’t very important – their focus is on their gods and ancestors.  For others, magic is all about transforming themselves and aligning their will with the Divine.  Still others see magic as a hands-on tool and use spells and charms throughout their everyday lives.Our larger culture doesn’t think much of magic... or at least, they like to pretend they don’t.  Over on the Patheos “Religion on Science” blog, Nicholas Di … [Read more...]