Reincarnation and the Limits of Science

A professor at the University of Virginia has cataloged 2500 cases of children with past life memories, evidence that supports the idea of reincarnation. While I find the evidence compelling, it does not “prove” reincarnation is true, and to claim that it does devalues our very real mystical and mythical experiences. [Read more…]

Nature Religion?

The question of whether or not Paganism is a Nature religion is interesting and can be fun to debate. But the debate can distract us from more important matters. Regardless of your religion, if it does not include reverence for Nature then I propose your religion is at best inadequate and may be detrimental to your life and to all life on this planet. [Read more…]

The Reality of Limits

Many of the difficulties in both our mainstream society and in our Pagan community revolve around our refusal to accept that limits are not illusory nor do they apply only to other people. They are real, necessary and helpful. Dealing with them requires understanding the three types of limits and choosing the right approach for each. [Read more…]

The Myth of Magic

Most of us believe in magic even if we like to think we don’t. That’s OK – like all good myths, the myth of magic teaches us important lessons about life and how we can best live it. [Read more…]