A Pagan Crisis of Faith

When faced with the reality of the Gods and spirits, some Pagans revel in the confirmation of our magical worldview, despite the complications it brings. Others rationalize their experiences away in the hope they won’t have to deal with spiritual beings with minds and wills of their own. [Read more…]

Portals by Sharon Knight

Sharon Knight’s new album Portals features a who’s who of Pagan musicians as guest performers, but it still sounds like one album made by one band. The sound is deep, rich, and above all, magical. [Read more…]

Pantheacon 2016

I had a great time at Pantheacon. The presentations were good, and there’s nothing like sitting on a hotel balcony, sipping wine, and discussing the fine points of your religion with some of the few people who truly understand your practices. [Read more…]

Mabon – A Solitary Ritual

Many Pagans maintain solitary practices, and even if you work with a group, sometimes you can’t be with them on the holy days. Here’s a solitary ritual for Mabon, to honor Manannan mac Lir and to explore the mysteries of the Otherworld. [Read more…]

Portals by Sharon Knight

Here’s a chance to support good musicians making good music! [Read more…]

Does Magic Undermine the Sovereignty of Nature?

Does the practice of magic undermine the sovereignty of Nature? John Halstead thinks it does. Not surprisingly, I disagree. Here’s why. [Read more…]

Pantheacon Recap

Last year I wrote about my Pantheacon envy. This year I went to Pantheacon. It was a great experience of community and I’m very glad I went. [Read more…]

Sharon Knight Interview

Under the Ancient Oaks is thrilled to present an interview with singer and songwriter Sharon Knight. Sharon talks about magic, the gods, mermaids, pirates, initiations, life on the road, and of course, music! [Read more…]