Mead For The Morrigan

The Morrigan has been an ally, helping me with things I could not do myself. She’s been an inspiration, giving me things to think, talk, and write about. And She’s been a general, giving orders and expecting them to be followed. [Read more…]

This Is My Polytheism

Your polytheism may be very similar to mine. Great. Your polytheism may be very different from mine. That’s great too. We don’t have to agree on everything, and we must not pretend to agree when we don’t. We just need to be polite and remember Who we’re working for. [Read more…]

Faith in the Wrong Things

Those who put their faith in Democrats – or Republicans, or Libertarians, or Communists – have been let down over and over and over again. There is no reason to expect things will be different next time. Instead, put your faith in something older, stronger, and more certain. [Read more…]

Proselytizing, Secrecy, and a Better Way

We don’t proselytize, but we can make sure people know we’re here, and be ready to welcome those who respond to the same calls we heard earlier on our own spiritual journeys. [Read more…]

The Commodification of Humanity

Are people commodities to be bought for the lowest price and discarded when their presence no longer maximizes profits? Or are people divine creatures, deserving to be treated with the dignity and respect due a being of inherent sovereignty and worth? Which world do you want to live in? [Read more…]

Exercising Your Will

If our beliefs mean something and if our religious experiences are more than a pleasant interaction of brain chemistry, then we have a calling to manifest the kind of world we say we value. [Read more…]

A Druid in the Marketplace of Religions

I’ve been harmed by false certainty, so I try to make it clear what I know and what I believe – and when I’m guessing. I can’t tell you what to believe and what to do because I don’t know, and I wouldn’t take responsibility for your spiritual life if I could. But that doesn’t mean I have nothing to say to the Pagan community and to the wider world. [Read more…]

Comments, Texas Pagan Events, and a Video

Disqus comments, Denton CUUPS Beltane, the Houston Pagan Conference, and the video of “Reclaiming Your Sovereignty.” [Read more…]