The Commodification of Humanity


Rhyd Wildermuth had a thought-provoking essay on Saturday’s Wild Hunt titled “Alchemical Capitalism.” It explores the issue of usury and the dark magic within capitalism.Rhyd writes from the perspective of an anarchist and a Marxist. I know virtually nothing about Marx beyond a few famous quotes and the fact that the large-scale efforts to implement his theories were disastrous failures (which does not necessarily mean those theories were wrong – doesn’t mean they were right, either). I do, h … [Read more...]

Exercising Your Will

07 15b dry stacked stone

Rhyd Wildermuth has a long and thought-provoking essay on Saturday’s Wild Hunt titled Manifesting An Other World.  In it, he argues that beliefs should mean something – they should cause us to take action to manifest the kind of world we say we value.  This is particularly true for those of us who worship Gods we believe are real, distinct, individual beings – Gods who are capable both of blessing us immensely and of making our lives as miserable as Prometheus.Many Pagans don’t seem to take t … [Read more...]

A Druid in the Marketplace of Religions

07 30 Cliffs of Mohor

I used to have a boss who’d get upset when I’d qualify my answers.  “Yes, we can have that job finished a week early, if a key supplier gets their parts here early, if the engineer’s design doesn’t require any modifications, and if the assemblers work more overtime than we have a right to require.”  He wanted an enthusiastic “yes!”  I felt I owed him an honest assessment of the situation.I’ve tried to carry that honesty into my religious writing and speaking, partially because it’s the right … [Read more...]

Comments, Texas Pagan Events, and a Video


I have a variety of short announcements to make, so I’m going to combine them into one post.Disqus CommentsPatheos is transitioning all its blogs to the Disqus commenting software and Under the Ancient Oaks was transitioned this weekend. According to the Patheos Tech Wizards “the import fully completed except for nine interim comments made during the last few days, and it appears that all historical comments and new comments will now be available in Disqus. We have also imported the int … [Read more...]

Why I Am a Pagan

What is Druidry 09.14.12

Patheos has a new series called “Why I Am A...” which challenges writers to explain their religious choice in 200 words or less. Here’s my entry. I am a Pagan because the Earth is our Great Mother, both physically and spiritually. I am a Pagan because the Universe is more beautiful, more powerful, more connected and more magical than I could ever imagine. I am a Pagan because I would honor my ancient ancestors and their ways. I am a Pagan because the Divine is expressed in a multi … [Read more...]

Reclaiming Your Sovereignty


Before the Great Battle of Magh Tuireadh, Figol the Druid blessed the warriors, saying “as to the men of Ireland, every breath they breathe will be an increase of strength and of bravery to them; and if they are seven years in the battle they will never be any way tired.”It is in that Druid tradition I offered this morning’s sermon at the Denton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.Introduction – The Land and the King Are OneToward the end of the 1981 film Excalibur, Camelot lies in ruin … [Read more...]

Morrigan Devotional Ritual

Spear made by Ted Davidson.  Photo by Erin Kane.

On Friday night, seven people gathered in a back yard in Denton for a devotional ritual to the Goddess Morrigan. It was an intensely powerful experience.Though we took no oaths of secrecy (none were asked and none were made) the experience feels too intimate to share in great detail. But I think there is value in telling at least part of this story, in showing what can be done and what Pagan ritual can be and do when we are in alignment with each other and with our gods and … [Read more...]

Worship the Gods

Sophia from Celsus Library in Ephesus

Author and philosopher Brendan Myers has a new blog post with the rather provocative title of “The worship of the gods is not what matters.”  And provoke me it did – my gut level response was “of course worship matters!”But I found Myers’ essay to be quite reasonable.  Go read it and then come back – it’s not long.  If you’re inclined to disagree don’t form a rebuttal as you read – read it in as neutral a frame of mind as you can.  If you feel the need to rebut, you can do it later.Brenda … [Read more...]