Polytheism in Difficult Times

Many of us are dealing with health issues, family emergencies, and stressful jobs. The political situation makes things worse. But remember you have a place in our community and Gods who called you to Their service. Do what you need to do, and ask for the help you need. [Read more…]

What Can Pagans Learn From Fundamentalists?

Let’s be good Pagans and celebrate the world and all it’s pleasures. But let’s also pay attention to what’s going on around us and make sure we don’t get distracted from being who and what we’re called to be. [Read more…]

The Environment In Which We Work

We’re trying to restore polytheism in a world where the loudest voices scream there is only one God and the second loudest voices scream there are none. We can’t put on headphones and block them out. So what can we do? [Read more…]

An Imbolc Meditation

As we celebrate Imbolc, let us use this cold, slow time of the year to prepare ourselves for a warm, vibrant Spring. [Read more…]

Beginning a Devotional Practice

There is no substitute for a consistent, reverent, devotional practice. Start small: pick one or two things; do them well and consistently before adding something else. But start. [Read more…]

4 Steps to a Deeper Pagan Practice

While much of life returns to normal starting tomorrow, there’s still something not-quite-ordinary about the month in between Go Back To Work Day and Imbolc. This is an auspicious time to commit to deeper religious and spiritual practice. [Read more…]

It’s Not All The Same And That’s OK

Articulating religious differences is not an insult. I don’t have to affirm your beliefs and practices to affirm your inherent value and worth, nor to vigorously support your right to believe and practice as you see fit. [Read more…]

Polytheism Is Theism!

Some people see the depth and meaning in polytheism, and they feel the call of the Gods, but they’re afraid to respond. They’re afraid to respond because polytheism is theism, and theism is scary. [Read more…]