Am I Doing It Right?

08 09 Well of Tara

Wondering “am I doing it right?” is a good thing. It’s a sign you’re taking your religion seriously. [Read more...]

Thoughts on Death

04 08 Salem cemetery

Our mainstream culture tells us to ignore death and pretend it will never come, but it always does. The time to contemplate death and how we want to die is now. [Read more...]

This Year Has Goals

07 38a Cadillac Mountain

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, I select a theme for each year. My no-goals approach has been successful, so now I need to set goals. [Read more...]

Integration – A Review

Pagan Pride Day - White Rock Lake, Dallas

2013 has not been an easy year for me, but it has been a year of learning and growth, and a year of integration. I’ll call that a success. [Read more...]

Lessons From the Marathon

the start of the 2003 Dallas White Rock Marathon

The myth that inspired the modern marathon ended with the runner dropping dead. Yet every year, hundreds of thousands of ordinary people complete this supposedly impossible feat. It makes you wonder what else we think is impossible is merely improbable, awaiting only the proper application of science, art, and will to manifest it in this world. [Read more...]

Five Ritualists at Dinner

dining room table

If you want to advance the state of the art of modern Paganism, resist the lure of Hogwarts and instead invite five ritualists over for dinner. [Read more...]

Dreams of a Druid College

Tatev Monastery in Armenia.  Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Sometimes I dream of a Druid college, a community of Pagan peers. There is no substitute for like minded people working together and talking to each other. When you can’t find that conversation in the physical world, seek it out virtually. It’s not the same, but it’s still helpful. [Read more...]

Sharon Knight Interview

Winter and Sharon - photo credit

Under the Ancient Oaks is thrilled to present an interview with singer and songwriter Sharon Knight. Sharon talks about magic, the gods, mermaids, pirates, initiations, life on the road, and of course, music! [Read more...]