A Meditation on Air

The four elements are part of our wider Pagan culture and I think it’s worthwhile to revisit them occasionally. Today I’d like to ask you to join me in contemplating the element of Air. [Read more…]

Showing Up

Paganism is a new religion – we’re still trying to figure out who and what we want to be. Decisions are being made by those who show up. [Read more…]

Serving Many Gods

Devotional polytheism isn’t an all or nothing thing. As with our human relationships, different relationships with different deities require different levels of commitment. [Read more…]

A Druid in the Marketplace of Religions

I’ve been harmed by false certainty, so I try to make it clear what I know and what I believe – and when I’m guessing. I can’t tell you what to believe and what to do because I don’t know, and I wouldn’t take responsibility for your spiritual life if I could. But that doesn’t mean I have nothing to say to the Pagan community and to the wider world. [Read more…]

Tending the Altar

I look at my altar several times each day, but it’s been months since I saw the altar as a whole, living thing. It was cluttered – just like my mind. Not to the point of dysfunction, but badly enough to keep me from being focused on what I need to do. Time to tend the altar. [Read more…]

Where Are You From?

Where are you from? The question has many answers. The story of humanity is the story of immigrants and refugees, the story of colonists and conquerors. But sometimes when we ask this question – especially when we ask ourselves – we’re not asking about origins and migrations. The questions we’re really asking are “where do you belong?” and “where is home?” [Read more…]

Water in the Desert

Being a good Pagan or a devout practitioner of any religious or spiritual path is no exemption from the ups and downs of life. When we recognize spiritual deserts for what they are, we can find a helpful well… and keep moving through the desert. [Read more…]

Am I Doing It Right?

Wondering “am I doing it right?” is a good thing. It’s a sign you’re taking your religion seriously. [Read more…]