Stonehenge: Imagining the Winter Solstice

How can Stonehenge not grab our attention? It stands there on the Salisbury Plain, silently screaming that it Must Be Important. Ancient people didn’t build this great big complicated thing for nothing – there’s got to be something we can do with it! [Read more…]

A Druid With a Camera

The stereotypical tourist with a camera is a stereotype for a reason – it’s easy to get caught up in taking pictures and miss out on experiencing a new place or event. But photography has taught me a few things I might not have learned otherwise. [Read more…]

A Year At Stonehenge

Photographer James O. Davies had an opportunity virtually none of us will ever get – the chance to photograph Stonehenge many times, from many perspectives, at many times of the day and during many times of the year. The end result is A Year at Stonehenge. [Read more…]

Ronald Hutton and the Paradox of Witchcraft

Ronald Hutton said “we are the only society that both believes in witchcraft and doesn’t believe in it, and I’d like to keep it that way.” He’s right and I’m thankful for it. [Read more…]