Water in the Desert

Rio Grande - 2010

There are many challenges to building a deep and meaningful spiritual practice that serves the Gods, the world, and yourself.  Last year I wrote about returning to center when a minor annoyance or a major tragedy disrupts your life.But not every challenge is a sudden dramatic event.  Nor is every challenge the cumulative effect of many minor annoyances.  Sometimes your practice simply dries up for no apparent reason.  Sometimes your joy in life dries up for no apparent reason.  Some days you … [Read more...]

First World Problems

Patheos image

My father grew up in the Great Depression. He was the fifth of eight children and spent much of his youth sharecropping. My grandfather died when my dad was still in high school – he dropped out to go to work full time. Those early experiences gave him a rather unsympathetic view to the complaints of a certain geeky kid who preferred reading to farming and who had some very different ideas about what life was all about.If I complained about foods I didn’t like, I’d hear “there are starving ch … [Read more...]