Egyptian Summer Solstice

Egyptian Summer Solstice 2012

Last Saturday evening Denton CUUPS presented our Egyptian Summer Solstice ritual for the 10th consecutive year. We had 58 people in the circle, which is very good attendance for us. More importantly, the participation was good and the feedback afterwards was strong. This ritual is a combination of reconstruction and reimagining. The first part draws heavily from the daily temple ritual as presented in the Coffin Texts and Pyramid Texts. Our statues of the Neteru are sealed in a cabinet. The … [Read more...]

Happy Solstice!

Hail, O Sun and Gods of the Sun!

Hail, O Sun and Gods of the Sun! We welcome your presence as we celebrate the Solstice, the longest day, the pinnacle of your power; when you stand still in the Northern sky before you begin your journey Southward and the days grow shorter. The Solstice moment was this morning at 12:04 AM Central time. Today is the longest day of the year, and although the heat of Summer has yet to arrive (we haven’t had a 100 degree day in Dallas yet), the Sun will start rising a little later … [Read more...]

Earth Rhythms Summer SolstiCelebration

Pictures from today's Egyptian Summer Solstice ritual at White Rock Lake. Denton CUUPS was the opening ceremony for the Earth Rhythms day-long celebration. Thanks to Cathy for serving as photographer. Stephanie from Yew Grove CUUPS counted 140 people watching the ritual. The opening invocations   Livvy speaks as Michi makes an appeasement offering to Set - sand from Giza.   Michi speaks an invocation. Ashley speaks an invocation. Vocal Magic … [Read more...]