How I Learned To Read Tarot

This is how I learned to read the Tarot. If you’re just starting out, or if you’ve tried with less success than you’d like, I encourage you to learn from my experience – both the good and the bad. [Read more…]

After The Tower, The Sun

I try to help us learn skills and practices that will help us survive and succeed, and I advocate for religions that promote virtues and enable connections. And occasionally, I try to remind us all that while we’re living in Tower Time, the Sun is coming. [Read more…]

Adventures in Tarot Reading

I don’t read for the public very often. But when I worked a Psychic Fair last weekend I helped some people see some important things in their lives, and I also learned a few things myself. [Read more…]

Samhain Divination

For Samhain this year, I did divination for the overall Pagan community. Where are we on our journey, what are the challenges we face, how can we best address them, and what is the likely outcome if we continue on our current path? [Read more…]