Top 11 Search Terms on Under the Ancient Oaks

06 04 Parthenon

I’m out of the country on a 12-day trip that’s part vacation and part pilgrimage.  Yes, you’ll hear all about it when I get back.  Until then, take a look at the top 11 keywords people use to find Under the Ancient Oaks on search engines. The vast majority of you come to Under the Ancient Oaks in one of two ways.  Either you’ve got me bookmarked and you come here directly, or you come here from a link on Facebook.But some people find me through Google or Yahoo or one of the other search … [Read more...]

A Labor Day Reflection

the Temple of Hephaestus, the Smith-God

Labor Day used to be the de facto Summer’s End in America.  Now the schools start in August, the first football games were a month ago, and new TV shows start whenever a network feels like it.  Now I live in Texas, where if we’re lucky the 100 degree days are done but the 90 degree days will stick around for several more weeks.  I miss the clear boundary marker of my youth, but it makes it easier to focus on the labor aspects of Labor Day.I’m thankful for the people who do the hard, dirty, da … [Read more...]