My Daily Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving breakfast

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, but giving thanks is an important part of daily spiritual practice. Rather than a holiday litany, I’d like to write about the things I give thanks for every day. [Read more...]

The Thanksgiving Arms Race

1985 Edwards AFB B1

I understand why retailers are opening on Thanksgiving, but I still don’t like it. What’s behind the Thanksgiving Arms Race, and more importantly, what can we do about it? [Read more...]

A Pagan Thanksgiving

cornfield McKinney August 2014 b

Where do the bounties of Nature come from? Two things are certain: they didn’t come from us and they didn’t have to come at all, as the never-ending stories of famine and hunger remind us. They are gifts, and the first response to a gift is to say “thank you.” [Read more...]

Nine Things I Think

06 40 Temple of Hephaestus

Nine Things I Think: Dracula, American Horror Story: Coven, the agony of defeat, Teo Bishop and his return to Christianity, Thanksgiving memories and more. [Read more...]

Gratitude Is Not Enough

2011 OBOD ECG 12

Gratitude is important and necessary and helpful. A big part of my daily spiritual practice is giving thanks. But gratitude alone is not enough. [Read more...]