What a Polytheist learned from Unitarian Universalists

Heretic t-shirt 01.31.15

Although it is safer to be a heretic today than in the past, claiming that identity carries certain obligations: you can’t flaunt your non-conformity while simultaneously demanding conformity from others. Well, you can, but it makes you look like a hypocritical fool. [Read more...]

How Do We Know What the Gods Want?

Ballyalban Fairy Fort

Unquestioning belief is not a Pagan virtue. How do we know what we know about the Gods? It requires using all our ways of knowing. [Read more...]

Thinking About the Gods

Thoth (Djehuty)

If you believe the Gods are many and have agency then you cannot also believe They can’t affect you unless you permit it. The two propositions are logically inconsistent. [Read more...]


Cernunnos square

We know little about Cernunnos from ancient times, but it is fitting that a God of Nature must be met in Nature and not in books. This is my experience of Cernunnos. [Read more...]

The Earth, The Gods and The Soul

earth gods soul

The Earth, The Gods and The Soul by Brendan Myers is the philosophy book I needed to read. It gave me a good introduction to classical philosophy, taught me some key ideas, gave me references to follow for more in-depth reading, and perhaps most importantly, showed me the philosophical heritage of many of the ideas I live by and promote in my own writing. [Read more...]

Polytheism Redux


Both Poseidon and The Sea are beautiful and powerful and I worship both. But a religion based on relationships with Deities with human-like qualities will look and feel very different from a religion based on relationships with the Natural world. There is room for both in the Big Tent of Paganism and in the corner of polytheism. [Read more...]

Passing on the Faith – The Hidden Questions

Denton CUUPS Beltane 2013 12

I rejected my father’s theology but I couldn’t unlearn his dedication to faith and his devotion to his religious community – nor would I if I could. If you would pass on your values, make sure you embody them fully. [Read more...]

UPG and Religious Uncertainty

uncertain skies 07.25.13

The value of our religious beliefs and experiences does not come from their certainty. There is no certainty. The value of our religious beliefs and experiences comes from how well they help us live better lives. [Read more...]