The Bakery of the Gods

I’ll be happy to talk about apple pie all day long, but if you prefer cherry pie or cheesecake, that’s fine. But if someone is looking for apple pie, I want them to be able to find apple pie. [Read more…]

The Gods Are Like Apples

Metaphors can be tricky in religious matters: some take them literally, while others see only the figurative examples and never see the reality illuminated by them. Despite these risks, I think a metaphor will be helpful in our current conversations about the Gods. [Read more…]

This Is My Polytheism

Your polytheism may be very similar to mine. Great. Your polytheism may be very different from mine. That’s great too. We don’t have to agree on everything, and we must not pretend to agree when we don’t. We just need to be polite and remember Who we’re working for. [Read more…]

The Universe Has No Plan And That’s OK

I don’t think the Universe has a plan, and in any case I can’t relate to a Universe that plans. But I can relate to the Old Gods. [Read more…]

What Are The Gods Up To?

Get a handful of polytheists together and sooner or later the conversation turns to “so, what are They up to?” Something is going on and we can’t help but wonder what it is – unquestioning faith is not a Pagan virtue. [Read more…]

Why Pagan Theology Is Important

Western culture is filled with Christian assumptions, many of them unstated. If we are to make Paganism and polytheism accessible to ordinary people, we need to challenge these assumptions and offer well-reasoned, well-articulated alternatives. [Read more…]

Can We Trust the Gods?

Some Pagans act as if the Gods are our kindly grandparents. Others act as if the Gods are as deadly and unpredictable as rattlesnakes. Can we trust Them? These are the thoughts and experiences of one polytheist. [Read more…]

What a Polytheist learned from Unitarian Universalists

Although it is safer to be a heretic today than in the past, claiming that identity carries certain obligations: you can’t flaunt your non-conformity while simultaneously demanding conformity from others. Well, you can, but it makes you look like a hypocritical fool. [Read more…]