Top Posts on Patheos Pagan in 2014

Stonehenge 2007

There’s been a lot of good writing on Patheos Pagan over the course of 2014. Here are my favorite posts, in no particular order. [Read more...]

A Meditation on Fire

CUUPS camping Nov12 25

What do you desire? How can you honor the Fire of desire? How can you respect the Fire of danger? Join me in contemplating the element of Fire. [Read more...]

Pagan Leadership

04 24b Din Lligwy

Any movement will have leaders. As Pagans, let’s call out the bad ones, support the good ones, and imitate the great ones. [Read more...]

Pantheacon Recap

badge and ribbons 2014

Last year I wrote about my Pantheacon envy. This year I went to Pantheacon. It was a great experience of community and I’m very glad I went. [Read more...]

This Year Has Goals

07 38a Cadillac Mountain

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, I select a theme for each year. My no-goals approach has been successful, so now I need to set goals. [Read more...]

Yes, Belief Matters!

experience belief practice

Paganism has always emphasized orthopraxy over orthodoxy, so it is not surprising that recent theological discussions have generated a backlash against belief. While we should hold our beliefs lightly, the idea that experience makes belief unnecessary simply doesn’t work for most people, including most Pagans. [Read more...]

Silence and the Limitations of Language

35d Big Bend 2010

Were the religious experiences of our distant ancestors incomplete because they did not have language for interpretation? Or were they more complete because they were experienced with their whole beings and not forced into the limitations of language? And how does that tie into the importance of keeping silence? [Read more...]

Make Magic of Your Life

make magic cover weiser

My first impression was that Thorn Coyle had written a self-help book. Was I ever wrong! This is a manual for practical magic. [Read more...]