Do the Gods Test People?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that “God” or “Goddess” or “the Universe” is testing me. Interestingly, I’ve never had someone who’s going through a hard time smile and say “it’s OK – it’s just a test from the Gods.” [Read more…]

A Beautiful Resistance

I’ve always had mixed feelings about the Gods & Radicals website. Their writers are seeing the same problems I am, but they’re rather vague about what they want to replace the current system. So I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in general agreement with their new journal A Beautiful Resistance. [Read more…]

Life Coaching, Spiritual Direction, and Holy Work

Helping others find their true calling and develop the skills necessary to carry it out is holy work, whether it’s done in a religious context or in a secular one. [Read more…]

Between the Worlds 2015 – A Call To Action

Put 350 Pagans, Heathens, Druids, Magicians, Witches, and various other esoteric practitioners together in a (nearly) snow-bound conference center for four days and what do you get? A mighty call to action. [Read more…]

Top Posts on Patheos Pagan in 2014

There’s been a lot of good writing on Patheos Pagan over the course of 2014. Here are my favorite posts, in no particular order. [Read more…]

A Meditation on Fire

What do you desire? How can you honor the Fire of desire? How can you respect the Fire of danger? Join me in contemplating the element of Fire. [Read more…]

Pagan Leadership

Any movement will have leaders. As Pagans, let’s call out the bad ones, support the good ones, and imitate the great ones. [Read more…]

Pantheacon Recap

Last year I wrote about my Pantheacon envy. This year I went to Pantheacon. It was a great experience of community and I’m very glad I went. [Read more…]