Why I Didn’t Buy a Powerball Ticket

Powerball dreams reinforce a culture that treats Nature as nothing more than resources to be exploited and that values the great wealth of a few over making sure everyone has enough. Those aren’t my dreams. [Read more…]

Pagan Discipline

Discipline is neither an act of ego and domination nor an act of submission to a higher power. It’s an act of true will, using the conscious mind to align all parts of an individual with their highest values and most sacred practices. [Read more…]

Exercising Your Will

If our beliefs mean something and if our religious experiences are more than a pleasant interaction of brain chemistry, then we have a calling to manifest the kind of world we say we value. [Read more…]

Poor Magicians, Good Magicians

Do you like your life? Are you working to build the kind of society you want to live in, even if only a few people are interested in living in it with you? If so, then keep doing it. If not, what do you need to do to change it? What do you need to do to dive head-first into the calling of your True Will? [Read more…]

A Poor Magician Is A Poor Magician

Is a poor magician a poor magician? Is there any correlation between material wealth and spiritual depth? It depends… [Read more…]

Purpose and Will

My belief we’re here for a purpose doesn’t flow from my Pagan religion. It comes from something before that, from some deep intuition. It’s part of my core being, and it whispers “there’s more.” [Read more…]

Returning to Center

Becoming a powerful magician or a devoted priest – or a good Druid – doesn’t exempt you from ordinary troubles. But with dedicated, mindful practice, we can learn to recognize when we’ve lost our center and learn to return to it as quickly as possible. [Read more…]

The Challenges of Free Will

Taken to extremes, the concept of free will can be used to seek vengeance, blame victims and shift attention away from abusive and unjust systems. But while we must temper our enthusiasm with reason and compassion, we remain better off assuming we do have free will and conducting our lives accordingly. [Read more…]