Am I Doing It Right?

08 09 Well of Tara

I’ve got at least one more travel-related post to write, plus a review of a book I read on the trip.  But I need to pause for a moment and discuss a question that’s come up several times from several sources over the past few weeks.Am I doing Paganism right?  Am I doing polytheism right?  More precisely, how can I be sure I’m doing it right?This isn’t a common Pagan question.  Pagans tend to assume whatever they’re doing is right – “do as thou wilt is the whole of the law” doesn’t just ap … [Read more...]

UPG and Religious Uncertainty

uncertain skies 07.25.13

There have been several good essays recently on the topic of unverified personal gnosis. Sam Webster started it with this piece calling UPG “an ugly, misguided notion.” There have been numerous responses, including this one by John Halstead here at Patheos.While the term “unverified personal gnosis” can be used to denigrate religious experience and to privilege tradition and the keepers of tradition, taken at face value it’s an accurate and humble description of the moving but highly subjecti … [Read more...]