Be The Light – A UU Chalice Lighting

A UU chalice lighting for the Sunday after the election. [Read more…]

A Community is a Living Thing

Our Pagan groups are more than collections of individuals. They’re living things with their own traditions and missions. [Read more…]

Who Is My Co-Religionist?

We can have our own beliefs and refine them in conversation with others. We can practice parts of our religion with some people and other parts with other people. We can gather with anyone and everyone who shares our values, whether they express those values in the same way or not. [Read more…]

A Service of Reconsecration

Yesterday, the Denton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship held a Reconsecration ceremony following eight months of repairs and renovations on our building after the fires of last December. It’s good to be back! [Read more…]

The Two Obligations of Good Religion

There are two obligations of good religion: to heal the world and to heal ourselves. To be focused on the world out there and the world within. To feed others and to remember that we need to eat too. The text from today’s Sunday service at Denton UU. [Read more…]

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An Introduction to Religious Experience

There is a great lack of understanding of religious experience in our contemporary Western society. This is not surprising. Religious experiences are messy, they’re subjective, and they don’t play by the rules of orthodoxy – they’re hard for religious leaders to control. [Read more…]

UUs and Multifaith – Even Better Than You Think

UUA President Rev. Peter Morales says “the future of liberal religion is multifaith.” I’m in strong agreement with this idea, but I’m not sure he understands just how deep it can be if it’s done right. [Read more…]

There’s No Room For Me In Your Religion

Many people in our wider society (from which Paganism and polytheism largely draw our members) don’t know what to make of religions that 1) don’t claim to be for everyone, and 2) don’t attempt to cater to everyone. [Read more…]