Memorial Day Reflection

02 09 Boston Common

The beginning of Summer in the United States is neither Beltane nor Summer Solstice but today, the start of the Memorial Day weekend.  All across the country, swimming pools will open, there will be cookouts and parades, and Hollywood moves firmly into popcorn movie season.  The Indianapolis 500 is Sunday, as is NASCAR’s longest race.  If your school isn’t out already it will be shortly.  Summer is at hand. As much as the Nature-centered Pagan in me likes the idea of the whole country celebra … [Read more...]

I Reject the Security State

image from Drone Wars UK

The Patheos Public Square has asked bloggers to write on the topic of “Faith in the New Security State.”  This is a wide topic covering war and the rules of war, surveillance and spying (both domestic and foreign), terrorism and security, and the proper response to whistleblowers who release government secrets in response to abuses.  Here’s the question as it was presented: Since 9/11 Americans have largely accepted the idea that national security requires a trade-off between government power an … [Read more...]