the entrance kerbstone

Our original plans called for us to visit Newgrange on the Spring Equinox.  While Newgrange is famously aligned to sunrise on the Winter Solstice, nearby Knowth (which is aligned to the Equinoxes – maybe) doesn’t open to the public till April, and just being in the Brú Na Bóinne area seemed special enough.  Unfortunately, mechanical problems with a rental car forced us to change our plans, and we ended up visiting Newgrange on a bus tour as the last major stop of our trip.That was a disappo … [Read more...]

A Solstice Walk

Winter Solstice Sunset 01

According to the U.S. Naval Observatory, the astronomical solstice will occur tomorrow at 11:11 AM Central Time.  Tomorrow night, Denton CUUPS will hold our Yule circle, where we’ll celebrate the rebirth of the Sun and the return of the light.Before the rebirth, though, there is one final sunset.  Come with me, if you will, on a Solstice walk.Imagine yourself standing outside a house in a rural area.  Perhaps it is your house.  Perhaps it was your house earlier in this life, or before tha … [Read more...]

The Twelve Days of Solstice

sunrise at South Padre Island - our Winter Solstice trip in 2011

When I was a little kid, Christmas was my favorite time of year.  There were decorations and special foods and the Christmas cards sent and received and taped up on the kitchen wall.  There was the fun of putting up the tree – in the early years it was usually cut from our woods; later on we got an artificial tree and reused it every year.  There was music and A Charlie Brown Christmas and Rudolph and the Grinch.  There was pouring over the Sears & Roebuck Wishbook and shopping for gifts for … [Read more...]

The Moonlady Retires

Amy Martin - the Moonlady

When I started publicizing the first circle I led at Denton CUUPS in 2003, I printed flyers and I sent out a notice on our YahooGroup e-mail list.  Then someone said “be sure to run it on Moonlady!”What’s a Moonlady, I asked?Moonlady was Moonlady News, a massive moderated e-mail list for Pagan, New Age, environmental and other progressive events and causes in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, run by Amy Martin, the Moonlady.  This week Amy announced her retirement – Moonlady News will make it … [Read more...]