Resting in the Shadows of the Solstice

The many traditions of the Winter Solstice encourage us to light candles and make merry to mark the rebirth of the Sun and the promise of Spring. But if the busyness of the holiday season and concerns over the future make it hard to celebrate, perhaps we need a different approach to this most ancient holy day. [Read more…]

Solstice Morning at Newgrange

If Newgrange is to have meaning for us beyond historical curiosity, it will not be in deciphering why it was built or how it was used. Rather, its meaning for us lies in how it moves us to do now what the ancient Irish did then: to celebrate the Solstice, and to honor our ancestors. [Read more…]

Stonehenge: Imagining the Winter Solstice

How can Stonehenge not grab our attention? It stands there on the Salisbury Plain, silently screaming that it Must Be Important. Ancient people didn’t build this great big complicated thing for nothing – there’s got to be something we can do with it! [Read more…]

Enough With The Holiday Ridiculousness Already!

What was a joyous and magical month in my childhood is now a three-month-long slog through endless advertising and manufactured outrage. Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, and the many late December holidays are not the same holy days, but they share the same season, and those who celebrate them need to learn to play nice. [Read more…]

Dark Times – A Winter Solstice Meditation

The dark times we are experiencing now will not disappear when we light our Solstice candles, yet we light our Solstice candles anyway. We do this not because it will make everything nice and easy but because this is who we are. [Read more…]

Winter Solstice – A Solitary Ritual

Many Pagans maintain solitary practices. Even if you work with a group, sometimes you can’t be with them for one reason or another. Here’s a ritual that will help you experience the mystery and wonder of the Winter Solstice in a solitary setting. [Read more…]


The 5000 year old passage tomb of Newgrange is beautiful and moving. It calls me to remember my ancestors, to connect to them, to honor them, and to remember that some day I will join them. [Read more…]

A Solstice Walk

According to the U.S. Naval Observatory, the astronomical solstice will occur tomorrow at 11:11 AM Central Time. Before the rebirth, though, there is one final sunset. Come with me, if you will, on a Solstice walk. [Read more…]