Why Polytheism?

I’m enjoying reading about and listening to witches, magicians, and occultists. I’m learning some things, including some I can incorporate into my own practice. But at the end of the day I’m a polytheist, and I’m happy to be one. [Read more…]

The Power of Silence

Most of us are afraid of silence. But as magical people, we know that silence is necessary. This new, short, narrowly-focused book by Karina BlackHeart explains the practice of silence and how to cultivate it in our lives. [Read more…]

Faith in the Wrong Things

Those who put their faith in Democrats – or Republicans, or Libertarians, or Communists – have been let down over and over and over again. There is no reason to expect things will be different next time. Instead, put your faith in something older, stronger, and more certain. [Read more…]

Vision of a Pagan Future

Paganism needs institutions if it’s going to become the societal force we need it to become. But let’s leave room in our Big Tent for the mystics and wild witches who will not let us forget why we became Pagans in the first place. [Read more…]


Part of our problem with dabbling is the idea that since we – who, of course, are the good, serious Pagans – have moved beyond it, so should everyone else. Maybe that’s a good goal for a group of 13 or less, but it’s simply not realistic for any group big enough to be called a religious community. [Read more…]

Apocalyptic Witchcraft

Apocalyptic Witchcraft is a provocative book of poetry and dreams. It is strong medicine – taken wrongly it is deadly poison. But for those who feel called to the sabbat, it shows how we can dance and fly, and perhaps, how we must. [Read more…]

Ronald Hutton and the Paradox of Witchcraft

Ronald Hutton said “we are the only society that both believes in witchcraft and doesn’t believe in it, and I’d like to keep it that way.” He’s right and I’m thankful for it. [Read more…]