Resting in the Shadows of the Solstice

The many traditions of the Winter Solstice encourage us to light candles and make merry to mark the rebirth of the Sun and the promise of Spring. But if the busyness of the holiday season and concerns over the future make it hard to celebrate, perhaps we need a different approach to this most ancient holy day. [Read more…]

This Is My Polytheism

Your polytheism may be very similar to mine. Great. Your polytheism may be very different from mine. That’s great too. We don’t have to agree on everything, and we must not pretend to agree when we don’t. We just need to be polite and remember Who we’re working for. [Read more…]

I’m Thankful For The Pagan Community

As you gobble your turkey and say your prayers of gratitude next Thursday, remember to give thanks for our Pagan community. It’s a difficult community and often a frustrating community, but it’s a good community and I’m glad we’ve got it. [Read more…]

Pursuing the Gods

There’s a decidedly unhelpful idea in the wider Pagan world that all “real” polytheists are called by the Gods. Some are, but others pursue the Gods on their own. Honoring the Gods is always a good thing. [Read more…]

Why I Worship the Gods

This is why I worship the Gods, and why I think that’s a good thing even if the Gods aren’t always as pleasant as we’d like them to be. [Read more…]

Polytheism is the Future

From where I stand, the growing devotion to many Gods is the most important trend in today’s Pagan world. Polytheism isn’t a relic of some primitive past. Polytheism is the future. [Read more…]

Serving Many Gods

Devotional polytheism isn’t an all or nothing thing. As with our human relationships, different relationships with different deities require different levels of commitment. [Read more…]

Pagan Worship

I worship the Gods who call to me, who challenge me to live according to their virtues and to assist with their work. And I worship Nature, the Mother of us all, of whom we are a part. These I find worthy of honor and respect. [Read more…]