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“Should I leave my anti-gay church, or try to change it from within?”

Here’s a letter I recently received: Dear John, I just found this blog and I am so excited! I did not know so many other people out there believe as I do. I grew up in an evangelical mega-church in Iowa, and was raised to know what I believed, and why I believed it. So [Read More…]

Primer on Islam: Muslims in North America (Lesson 6 of 6)

Though this is the last lesson, I hope that this primer on Islam has only made you more hungry to understand and engage this world religion. Ten years ago, after the tragic events of 9-11, I began to teach the beginnings of the material I’ve here shared with you. I hope you will find it [Read More…]

A Primer on Islam: Muslims in Context (Lesson 5 of 6)

Lesson five is a combination of gaining insight into the faith-life of Muslims and some of the practical implications.  It begins with a famous writing involving Muhammad, the “Hadith of Gabriel,” which is used as a traditional method of teaching or describing Islam. I find it useful for helping us to gain a feel for [Read More…]

Who Would Dare Argue This Gay Man Isn’t Christian?

If you can come away from reading this still believing that it’s impossible for a person to be both fully gay and fully Christian, then all I can say is that I hope your lobotomy didn’t leave behind too unsightly a scar. [Read more…]

Breivik’s Blood Is Not On Us

The blood of those killed by Anders Breivik is on the hands of Anders Breivik, and no one else. That insane animal is no more a Christian than I am a Muslim. Less. There’s a lot about Islam that I get, that resonates with me; I can identify with what is happening in the heart [Read More…]

My Daring Exploits at Comic-Con!

Don’t you hate it when a writer uses a super-exciting headline to draw people in and then totally doesn’t deliver on the promise of that headline? Right. So you can start hating me right about now. The most daring thing I did at Comic-Con was, during the discussion on which I was a panel member, [Read More…]

Getting to Knoooow Me ….

Whenever someone asks what I do for a living I tell them I’m a writer. “What do you write about?” is the inevitable response. And that’s when I start hemming and hawing. (What with being a writer and all, I should probably learn what hemming and hawing actually is beyond having a vague sense that [Read More…]

I Want You In My Face

I hope this doesn’t seem too obnoxiously self-serving, but, if you haven’t yet, it would mean a great deal to me if you’d join/”Like” my Facebook page. People hitting the “Like” button on the top of that page is genuine encouragement to me. Thanks! Bye! Next post from me will be … well, actually, I [Read More…]

I’m Starring at Comic-Con!

I try to be humble. But there comes a time when a man just has to shuck his stolid business suit, don his cape, grab his big stick, put on his form-fitting tights, and declare for one and all to hear, “Verily, shall I rocketh Comic-Con!” Or, really? Doubt I will? Then witness this listing [Read More…]

As the Traditional Book Business Sinks Slowly Into the West …

Apropos of my Still Dreaming of Landing That Big Book Contract? is this, from the Association of American Publishers: All major adult print segments—hardcover, paperback and mass market—showed a decline in sales in May, according to the AAP’s monthly sales report. While e-books showed a steep uptick of 146.9% for the month, bringing in $73.4 [Read More…]