I’m booked for the next few weeks

Hi, guys. For about three months I’ve been writing a new book that now necessitates all of my attention—which means stepping offline for two or three weeks. Catch ya’ on the other side of this … apparently extreme adventure I’m on!

Hey, increasingly Facebook doesn’t work as a means of letting people know when I’ve published something new on my blog (because they’re now charging for people with a Facebook page [being what they used to call a Fan page] like mine to reach the people who’ve “Liked” their page). If you want to be notified by email when I’ve published something new on my blog, then subscribe to my blog’s RSS/news/email feed, which is crazy easy and works perfectly. Last time I published an article on my blog subscribers to it received an email that looked like this:

Ideally, also subscribe to my newsletter below. I’m finding that I really enjoy writing my readers directly, outside of my blog, and through my newsletter is the way I’m going to start doing that when I return. (Please know that your email address will never be shared, sold, or used by me for any other purpose other than alerting you to something new on my blog or sending you my newsletter.)

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Bye guys! See ya’ on the flip side!

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More and more I'm communicating with my readers through my free (and ad-free) email newsletter, which is just a simple, direct and personal email from me that I send out every three weeks or so. If you would like to receive this email in your inbox, subscribe to it on my website, or by using the subscription box about halfway down the column on the right. I wouldn't think of using your email address for anything but my e-newsletter (to which you can always unsubscribe with the click of a button). Thanks, and looking forward to communicating with you in this more intimate way.

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  • Claudette Ballard

    Hello John,
    I just stumbled across your site and I think it’s simply marvelous! I will be coming out with a new site pretty soon and I am praying that we can remain friends because the next site will specifically address the aging and aged. In reading a few comments in your site, I noticed that many are concerned with dementia, usually for the parent(s). I owned a health food store for many years and during the past three or four of my work years, we had quite a number of people whose dementia was reversed simply by taking coconut oil. The wonderful thing about taking nutrients and foods such as coconut oil, the more one takes, the faster he or she sees results (1 to 2 tbs daily is generally recommended). God has an answer for everything! He said that the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations (His people); and He also said that He gave us the fruit for meat and the leaves for medicine. If We would simply take Him at His Word, it would be an entirely different nation. God bless you, John, for the work you’re doing. If I can be of assistance, let me know. I’m siginig off as Claudette Ballard because I will be publishing a new book pretty soon under this name.