On giving up on Christianity

I don’t know if it’s happening with people generally; maybe it’s just something I’m hearing more about, because people write to tell me about it when it happens to them or someone they know. But if my inbox is any indication, a lot of people who used to be Christian are deciding not to be Christian anymore. [Read More…]

When is an abuser’s apology not an apology?

Sometimes your brain tells you that you received an apology, while your heart tells you something else. Here’s why. [Read more…]

A Christian grandmother nails the transgender issue

“The truth wasn’t hard to find anyway. It was there every time I looked into my grandson’s eyes.” [Read more…]

Please be a Christian sex therapist

“My dream job is to be a sex therapist, but I feel like this focus on sex makes me a bad Christian.” [Read more…]

The real reason anti-LGBT Christians are so obsessed with sex?

I mean, c’mon already. [Read more…]

40 Questions for (fear-mongering) pastor Kevin DeYoung, now stomping the rainbow flag

Going viral today is a post by pastor Kevin DeYoung called 40 QUESTIONS FOR CHRISTIANS NOW WAVING RAINBOW FLAGS. A few Christians have written me to discuss how they should respond to his chunk o’ chum—to ask how they can beat DeYoung at his own game. But that’s a fool’s errand: once you accept the premise of [Read More…]

Dear angry evangelical Christians

You have nothing to fear but fear itself. [Read more…]

LGBT ruling = Attack of the Crazy Christians = Quiet time

Hi, folks! Congratulations to all who are rejoicing over SCOTUS’s historic ruling that gay people have no less right to the full protection of the Constitution of the United States than do any other American citizens! Don’t you just love how eventually right prevails? Don’t you just hate how sometimes it takes waaaaaay too long [Read More…]

Not even the might and will of the Christian church

In reflecting today upon the myriad argumentative strategies that I personally have adapted over the last eight years of writing on the issue of Christianity and homosexuality, I held in my heart the one truth that informed them all, the one thought that, from the beginning, I knew was the steel wedge that I and [Read More…]

She’s 17 and bi–and her parents won’t allow it.

Sometimes honesty isn’t the best policy. [Read more…]