She’s 17 and bi–and her parents won’t allow it.


Sometimes honesty isn’t the best policy. [Read more...]

I love you, heathen. Now change.


Evangelicals are sending non-Christians exactly one message. And half of it needs to go. [Read more...]

Round TWO in our Big Debate about evangelizing in the workplace


Hey. No one said religion was pretty. [Read more...]

“We will continue to wear white as long as there is pink!”

Blue sky background with pink clouds

When God decides to make a point with weather. [Read more...]

10 Reasons It’s Wrong to Evangelize in the Workplace


LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Welcome to the first of three rounds in this Head to Head debate sponsored by! [Read more...]

What Non-Christians Want Christians to Know


I’m doing an online debate on “Evangelism in the Workplace: Is Sharing your Faith Ever Appropriate?” But before that, this. [Read more...]

Sexual abuse and the pressure to forgive


If you’ve been sexually abused, the last thing on earth you need to worry about is forgiving your abuser. [Read more...]

Why You’re Completely Able To Judge Caitlyn Jenner


Today my friend and fellow Patheos blogger Ben Corey posted a piece entitled Why You’re Completely Unable To Judge Caitlyn Jenner (Or Anyone Else). The point of Ben’s essay was to say … well, this: Only God knows why Caitlyn is transgender, and therefore, only God can judge (a) if she’s sinning or not, and [Read More...]

Leading pastor of the Duggars’ fundamentalist denomination: “Only psychos feel ‘abused.’”

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 7.01.48 PM

A pastor of the same fundamentalist denomination as the Duggars wants victims of abuse to know they’re psychotic, and should be having fun. [Read more...]

Attack kitty sayz: “Can I haz no gayness now?”


I was walking in a park near my home this morning when, miraculously, I snapped the photo above. I managed to catch the kitten before it scampered away after its vicious attack, which scratched the ear of the guy on the left pretty good. It’s a feral cat, basically. But I am convinced that with [Read More...]