When Christian parents of a gay teen disagree on homosexuality

Couple Having Arguement At Home

The gay-affirming Christian mother of a gay teen writes to ask how I would advise her relative to her husband, who believes that being gay is a sin. [Read more...]

We’re Christians whose son-in-law has come out as transgender


Her beloved son-in-law, the father of her granddaughter, has revealed that he is transgender and will soon begin the male-to-female process. Here’s my advice to her. [Read more...]

Calling Pope Francis to Lewistown, MT


Time for a teaching moment, Pope Francis. [Read more...]

Is there a pro-LGBT equivalent to “It’s in the Bible”?

Woman looking at doorway in large book

If for some reason I find it incumbent upon me to boil down into one short statement everything I know about why it’s no sin to be gay, I’m always pleased to say this: [Read more...]

How it’s been

You can’t please everyone—but you can please the right one. [Read more...]

Challenging the evil empire of anti-gay Christians, and the resurfacing of old fundie fears


How to I deal with Christians promoting hate; how do I quell my old fundie fears? [Read more...]

Pastor tells mom her lesbian teen can’t be a Christian


A pastor tells a concerned mother that her gay daughter can’t be a Christian unless she repents of her homosexuality. [Read more...]

No hell for people who constantly sin? Really?


If there is no hell, then what happens to people who sin constantly and live their lives however they want? [Read more...]

Spencer Tracy’s awesome argument for gay marriage

“You can try to ignore those people, or you can feel sorry for them and for their prejudices and their bigotry and their blind hatreds and stupid fears.” [Read more...]

Heard the news? Gay people don’t exist!

Problem solved! [Read more...]