Atheists of America Agree: Christianity Makes Eminent Rational Sense!

As I’m sure my readers will agree, in my last post, There’s No Arguing It: We Can’t KNOW If There’s a God or Not, I conclusively proved that it is exactly as reasonable to think that there is a God as it is to think there’s not. Not one of the 50 or so people who commented on that [Read More...]

An Open Letter to the Atheist Hacker of Christian Mega-site

Dear Finnish atheist who hacked Hi, there. I’m one of the writers for, the largest Christian website in the world. Is it cold where you live? It looks like it is, since the picture you put of yourself all over Crosswalk shows you wearing a thick skull-cap and a sweatshirt. Of course (as you [Read More...]

#1 Christian Website Hacked By Atheist!

Update: To read my An Open Letter to the Atheist Hacker of Christian Mega-site, click … well, there. Instead of the largest Christian website in the world (2.5 million views a month; 200,000-plus subscribers), people who visited this morning found a single, crudely designed static page featuring cheesy-looking burning crosses and a message from [Read More...]

Christians, Non-Christians, and the “Fully Man” Problem with Jesus

If we Christians were a little more comfortable with Jesus being fully man, maybe we’d be a little more comfortable with ourselves. [Read more...]

A Reader Asks, “Why Do I Need Jesus to Change My Life?”

In response to a piece of mine (The Happiest Ending Ever), in which I told of my instant, out-of-nowhere conversion to Christianity, a reader named Sarah left me a comment. “But why do I need Jesus to change my life?” she wrote. “Can’t I do that on my own? Oh, and, what if I don’t [Read More...]

Is a world without religion really more peaceful?

One often hears the assertion that religion causes war: that if people would only stop believing in God there’d be much more peace and love in the world. I want much more peace and love in the world! So let’s carefully consider the idea that without religion that is what we would have. First off, [Read More...]

Adults Aren’t Children–and None of Us is God

I get a lot of the same argument against my idea that we’re working against the Great Commandment by persisting in our efforts to fulfill the (already fulfilled, in America) Great Commission. That argument goes … well, here, from two recent comments on my postings on that matter: “. . . a parent can love a disobedient [Read More...]

More on The Great Commandment vs. The Great Commission

It’s been so great to see how thoughtful and kind everyone’s been about this post. When my book on the same question (I’m OK–You’re Not) came out a few months ago, I expected it to generate a fair amount of hostility–and, actually, it did. But that, “How dare you suggest we stop evangelizing, pagan!” sort of [Read More...]

Are The Great Commandment and The Great Commission Incompatible?

I have a question I’d like you to consider. I raise it because yesterday I was interviewed about this very question by Jim Burns for his nationally syndicated radio program, HomeWord with Jim Burns, who was talking with me about my book, I’m Okay-You’re Not. The question I explore in I’m OK—and the one I’d [Read More...]