Why Must Mary Die a Virgin?

How is insistence on the perpetual virginity of Mary not misogyny? [Read more...]

Conservative Christians: Quit Screaming. Liberal Christians: Quit Drinking So Much Wine.

I just put up a sweet Tweet: “Too many conservative Christians’ lives are too limited; too many liberal Christians too readily dismiss fundamentalism.” Ahh, quoting yourself. Is there a surer sign it’s time to swallow a bug bomb? But the point is that I’m exhausted with conservative Christians thinking that liberal Christians wouldn’t know God’s [Read More...]

Helping Christians be Bored by Homosexuality Since 2007

A conservative Christian emailed me yesterday to share his idea that I should “back off from writing about the gays so much.” So I did the only thing I could do. I had him killed. Hey, you’ve got your friends. I’ve got mine. That’s all I’m saying. No, but this quarrelsome query (oh, that Daniel [Read More...]

Nothing Says Lovin’ Like a Lesbian Minister With an Oven

Speaking generally there are two kinds of Christians: Those who believe homosexuality is an affront to God, and those who don’t. Speaking personally there are, to me, two other kinds of Christians: those who bake and mail me cookies, and those who don’t. The only Christian who last week happened to bake and mail me [Read More...]

“If the Holy Spirit Is Within Us, Why is Church Necessary?”

Can you believe that yesterday I overheard another conversation about Christianity? Amazing! This one was between “Ann” and “Betty.” And it’s made me wonder: Are other Christians these days feeling as Ann does? Do any of you guys? Ann: I feel weird telling you this, but I haven’t been to church in seven months. Betty [Read More...]

“Away, Gay Christians! But About That Charitable Work You Do …”

As reported in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and elsewhere, the American Episcopal Church now seems irrevocably split between the traditional Episcopal Church and the brand-new Anglican Church of North America, recently formed specifically in opposition to the way the Episcopal Church kept refusing to apologize for ordinating, six years ago, the [Read More...]

Devout Gay Christians I’ve Known and Loved

An email reminds me of the fact that some of the most devout, biblically knowledgeable Christians I have ever known are gay. [Read more...]

Zealous, Zealot, Fanatic

Below, listed in order of General Intensity, are some words one might use to describe a believer in Christ. Go down the list, and see where the words stop describing you. Supporter Believer Committed Dedicated Devoted Passionate Zealous Zealot Fanatic Did you stop at “zealot”? Most would, I think. I sure did. I’m a zealous [Read More...]

Christian Leaders: For God’s Sake, Stop Empowering Wife Abusers

Pastors, church, and ministry leaders: Please refrain from ever using the Bible as a means of keeping women in physically or emotionally abusive relationships. If you believe in hell—that working in direct opposition to the will of God means spending eternity roasting alive—then, on behalf of the abused women who’ve written me in response to [Read More...]

Must God be a He-Man?

“Christians go crazy if you in any way suggest that God isn’t a man,” said the first big-deal person in Christian publishing to read the manuscript of my book, I’m OK–You’re Not: The Message We’re Sending Nonbelievers and Why We Should Stop. He was advising me to cut the passage below from that book’s introduction. [Read More...]