Evangelicals and Muslims: Both Love Jesus

Today at lunch I asked Pastor Bob, “If you could say any one thing about Islam or Muslims to American Christians, or to Americans generally, what would it be?” As he started talking, I started taking notes. This is what he said. [Read more…]

“Is the Devil Making Me Believe in a ‘Liberal’ God Who Isn’t the True God?”

“My problem is that on a deeper level, something inside of me is saying that the Christianity of my childhood is the true way. I have a nagging in the back of my head, saying, ‘ These liberal Christians aren’t Bible-centered. They aren’t right. Few will make it into heaven. Homosexuals will go to hell,’ etc., etc.” [Read more…]

Don’t Waste Your Time Fighting Gay Marriage

Last January, when the federal trial to decide the legality of California’s Proposition 8 was just getting underway, I wrote, in How Will the Coming Legalization of Gay Marriage Affect Your Love For America?, that, for the exact reasons he cited, the judge of that case would rule exactly as he did last Wednesday. “It’s inevitable [Read More…]

The Ground Zero Mosque: “No” Means Crazy Wins. Screw That.

I’ve been happy not to take the time to sink deeply into myself to discover how, if I were King of the World, I would decide the question of whether or not to build the Ground Zero mosque, since: (a) Why bother? and (b) Who cares what I think? Plus, whenever I imagine myself King [Read More…]

I, the comfortably cursing Christian

I am entirely confident that God is perfectly okay with me cursing whenever I find it entirely appropriate to do so. The key phrase there is “whenever I find it appropriate to do so.” I don’t often find it appropriate to curse. I rarely employ such language in what I write, for instance, because I [Read More…]

Christians and abortion: let’s act our age, k?

I’m against abortion. So are you. So is everyone. Who doesn’t like babies? The reason I’m against abortion has nothing to do with the fact that I’m a Christian, and everything to do with the fact that I’m a human. Everyone thinks abortion is an terrible option. Everyone wishes no one ever felt compelled to [Read More…]

Muslim Child Prophet? Muslim Child Actor? Midget Cleric?

One of the weird things about writing this blog is that it forces me to confront the fact that (news flash!) when it comes to religion people can be pretty crazy. The first time I saw this video, two months ago, I watched it four times in a row. It’s one of the more fascinating [Read More…]

An interview about my book “I’m OK — You’re Not.”

Below is an interview done with me by ChristianBook.com upon the publication of I’m OK. Christianbook.com: What’s the main message of “I’m OK–You’re Not: The Message We’re Sending Nonbelievers and Why We Should Stop”? John Shore: It’s that endeavoring to fulfill the Great Commission with people who haven’t first asked to hear about Christ necessarily [Read More…]

How Is “Convert, You Sinner!” Loving?

There’s just no way, “I love you; now completely change” is a good message to send. [Read more…]

Ten Ways Christians Fail to be Christian

[UPDATE: A new and much improved version of this piece is Seven ways Christians  blow it.] I feel that we Christians too often fail in these ten ways: 1. Too much money. “Wealthy Christian” should be an oxymoron. In Luke 12:33, Jesus says, “Sell your possessions and give to the poor.” At Matthew 19:21, he [Read More…]