A Pilgrim’s diary entry at the end of the first Thanksgiving Day

“One day the Indians will appreciate that we are their betters, and will bow down in gratitude to God for all that we have done for them.” [Read more…]

What? Megachurch Leader Rick Warren Left Behind?

“… Because I said the truth to Rick Warren, and he heard it.”

[Read more…]

How Christians arguing against homosexuality sound to me now

In the eight years I’ve been fighting against the Christian condemnation of homosexuality, I’ve received approximately fourteen gazillion letters from Christians seeking to enlighten me as to the sinful nature of homosexuality. Here’s a representative jewel of one such letter. [Read more…]

6 truths about “forgiving” sexual abuse

For anyone who’s ever been pressured to forgive their abuser. [Read more…]

Going through hell to find the secret to life

After thinking about it long and hard, I realized that the answer to the question of what happens to us after we die lies in the question itself. [Read more…]

Fear not, Christians who believe in hell

In the blogosphere one rarely comes across a hell-believing Christian who isn’t frothingly angry. I wonder why that is? What is it about a believing in hell that is so compatible—that seems to so feed, and feed off—anger? Hmmm. Let’s think about that. People who are angry are almost always angry at others. It’s always [Read More…]

Attention: Republicans, Joel Osteen, FOX News, and Biblical literalists everywhere

If you’re gonna be a literalist, be a literalist. [Read more…]

Proof that believing in hell is not Scriptural

There is solid scriptural support for the three radically differing traditional Christian models of hell known as Eternal Torment, Annihilationism, and Universalism. [Read more…]

Critiquing Southern Baptist leader Al Mohler’s critique of me

Al Mohler wants you to know what’s wrong with my reasoning on hell. Here’s what’s wrong with his. [Read more…]

Everything a Christian needs to know about hell

Anything more than this is a waste of time. [Read more…]