The mystery of the Holy Trinity explained in four sentences


Theologians and Christian philosophers have long puzzled over the exact nature of the Holy Trinity. They needn’t have to–and you don’t either. [Read more...]

Christian: Don’t Too Readily Dismiss the Rational Atheist

What might Christians learn from atheists? [Read more...]

Rationalists/Atheists: Don’t Too Readily Dismiss the Believer

It’s certainly no challenge for a rationalist/atheist to dismiss out of hand those who believe in God. The Christian, scoffs the rationalist, is weak-willed: superstitious, deaf to logic, incapable of independent thought, intellectually and even morally lazy. Okay. We believers can take that sort of criticism. We can (or certainly should) even acknowledge the ways [Read More...]

From Station WGOD: Love, Love Me Do

Yesterday a reader wrote to ask, “John, would you comment on something I heard last night at church — that is, on the very real possibility that God uses people to deliver messages? The idea is that the delivery is usually made by someone who has no clue what the message means, to someone who is desperate [Read More...]

To Sex and Power, Add Constancy

I believe the most consistantly compelling motivation, the most determining factor in the human experience, is the fear of death. The core, most primary thing we know about being alive is that somewhere along the line we won’t be anymore. Everything we are, do, think and feel is necessarily founded upon and grounded within the terrible, brutal fact that we [Read More...]

Certainty in Christ: A Blessing–And A Curse

How can being absolutely certain of Christ’s reality and sovereignty be a curse? Because the one thing that will unfailingly close your mind to the great spontaneous freedom of life—the one thing, in other words, sure to kill the vibrant, open-ended vitality of the Holy Spirit—is being confident that you know and understand everything. And [Read More...]

My Point: Reject EVERYTHING, So God Can Arrive

Yesterday I posted a piece called Unhappy? Reject Your Parents. As I understood beforehand would happen, a lot of people assumed I’d written that piece as a sort of knee-jerk, negative response to my father’s recent visit, about which, in Connecting Flights, I’d written the day before. As I also anticipated would happen, a lot of Christians immediately [Read More...]

How To Write in Tandem with God/Holy Spirit

I get a fair amount of questions/input around the dynamic of writing in conjunction with God. So I thought I’d burble out a little sumpin’ sumpin’ about that particular phenomenon. First of all, if you’re trying to do any sort of creative work, do you have any choice but to access and stay with the [Read More...]

Why Death Is Like It Is

I think about death a lot. I figure anyone alive does, but I could be wrong about. I think I’m more impatient than most people. I’m always abnormally interested in how things are going to end. Anyway, death is horrible. It’s an unthinkable affront to everything that’s dear to us. We all know that. So it makes [Read More...]

What Does the Whole ‘Atonement’ Thing Actually Mean?

If you’ve ever wondered what exactly the Atonement of Christ MEANS, here you go. [Read more...]