My Point: Reject EVERYTHING, So God Can Arrive

Yesterday I posted a piece called Unhappy? Reject Your Parents. As I understood beforehand would happen, a lot of people assumed I’d written that piece as a sort of knee-jerk, negative response to my father’s recent visit, about which, in Connecting Flights, I’d written the day before. As I also anticipated would happen, a lot of Christians immediately [Read More...]

How To Write in Tandem with God/Holy Spirit

I get a fair amount of questions/input around the dynamic of writing in conjunction with God. So I thought I’d burble out a little sumpin’ sumpin’ about that particular phenomenon. First of all, if you’re trying to do any sort of creative work, do you have any choice but to access and stay with the [Read More...]

Why Death Is Like It Is

I think about death a lot. I figure anyone alive does, but I could be wrong about. I think I’m more impatient than most people. I’m always abnormally interested in how things are going to end. Anyway, death is horrible. It’s an unthinkable affront to everything that’s dear to us. We all know that. So it makes [Read More...]

What Does the Whole ‘Atonement’ Thing Actually Mean?

If you’ve ever wondered what exactly the Atonement of Christ MEANS, here you go. [Read more...]

God is Love; Christ is Pain

We who are Christian believe that God is love. We believe it with our souls because we feel the enduring truth of it — and we believe it with our minds because in the Bible (at 1 John 4:8), it says, right there in black and white, “God is love.” Which pretty neatly settles it. [Read More...]

Whad’ya Get For Christmas?!

Sure, it’s shallow. It’s embarrassingly shallow to ask people what they got for Christmas. It’s just the lamest. And of course it couldn’t be further from the meaning and spirit of Christmas. Of course, it is is true that Jesus received some excellent gifts on the occasion of his physically committing to going from being the supreme, all-powerful ruler of [Read More...]

Why Would God Create Humans?

There are only two reasons anyone ever does anything: because they have to, or because they want to. That means that God either wanted to create humans, or had to create humans. We must be the result either of God’s desire, or of God’s need. I’m voting it’s God’s desire. Because how could God have needs? He’s full unto [Read More...]

The pain of the improving Church

In few respects [did Protestantism differ from Catholicism] more than in its establishment of the principle of an ongoing reformation. While most of the Reformers, once established, tended practically to resist extensions of reformation that would jeopardize their status and definition, almost all Protestants, at least nominally, assented to the idea that “ecclesia reformatat semper [Read More...]

Why Jesus Didn’t Date

“How can Jesus be fully man without a sex drive? And if he has a sex drive, then how can he be sinless, since Matthew 5:27-28 says that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. What man DOESN’T ever look at women lustfully? [Read more...]

Why We Christians Always Lose Debates with Atheists–Thank God

The other day I read the recent Newsweek piece in which Rick Warren (Purpose-Driven Life—like you didn’t know) debated the eminently rational and mind-bogglingly articulate Sam Harris (The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation). In that “debate,” I thought Mr. Harris waxed the floor with Mr. Warren. For one, nobody out-rationalizes Sam Harris. [Read More...]