Best Hebrew-to-English lesson ever [VIDEO]

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I love this guy. Plus now I’m smarter. Yayeth! [Read more...]

An open letter to students of Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) colleges


Greetings! My name is John Shore. I’m a Christian. Like you, I believe in the literal divinity, miracles, atonement, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. [Read more...]

The three-letter word that causes wars


The truth of God is the truth of God. In order to communicate, share, and pass on the revealed truths of God, we are compelled to give those truths form and structure: a process of worshipping, an organization, a book. Ultimately, inevitably, a religion. [Read more...]

Seven ways Christians blow it


Hi, guys. I suddenly got crazy busy this morning, and so did not have time to finish the post (about old people) that I’d planned to publish here today. I did, however, spend a few hours this morning writing a piece for our Unfundamentalist Christians blog over on Patheos. If you’d like to read that [Read More...]

To the would-be Christian not quite feeling it


In the comments section of my last post, To A Gay Anti-Christian Who Suddenly Converted, something beautiful happened. It started when long-time reader (and always awesome commenter) Jill wrote this: [Read more...]

To a Gay Anti-Christian Activist Who Suddenly Converted

A friend of mine is a gay artist who, up until a few days ago, was a tireless and fairly high-profile opponent of Christianity. His world recently changed when he realized that, despite his “hard-won atheism,” he was rapidly becoming a Christian. “I’m sitting here listening to Jars of [bleeping] Clay and weeping,” he wrote me. [Read More...]

Like playing God’s symphony on one string of an out-of-tune violin

I got this in, and just couldn’t resist sharing it with you. I just love the spirit of this letter, don’t you?  [Read more...]

When the passion for God passes

Dear John: What are the best things to do when you feel far from God, besides praying and reading the Bible? I’ve been going to church my whole life, but it was three years ago when I actually asked God to be my personal savior. I used to be on fire for God—but lately, within [Read More...]

Hears voices, fancies ladies, and enjoys cask ales too much: a kind word for this friend of Jesus?

I just got in the below email. I hope you can find it in your heart to offer our young friend here a kind word and a bit of fellowship, for which she had the courage to ask. [Read more...]

The triune nature of God explained in four perfect sentences

The idea that God is the ultimate hat trick—that he is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit all at once—is something that has always confused and challenged Christians and everyone else with a normal, binary-style brain. But a look at the opening of the Gospel According to John perfectly explicates the triune nature of God: [Read more...]