Is suicide a sin?


A young woman with reason to wonder asks if committing suicide is a sin. [Read more...]

Time to speak of speaking in tongues!


This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday (which, fyi if ya dunno, marks the end of the 50-day Easter season: for more see Knowing the Christian Calendar). So right now a lot of Christians are revisiting the whole topic of “speaking in tongues.” Why? Because of this passage in The Book of Acts: When the day of [Read More...]

You might be a dying breed of Christian if you think that …


If any of these apply to you, you just might be a dying breed of Christian. [Read more...]

What we all want most


You can have anything you want. The whole trick is to know what exactly you want. [Read more...]

The kind of God I want


I want a God who proves to me, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that ultimately goodness prevails—that, in the end, love really does win. [Read more...]

Be a sole man (or woman)


Today is Maundy Thursday, the Christian holy day when, during an evening service, Christians have traditionally performed the rite of Washing of the Feet, which began with Jesus: [Read more...]

This week be churched


You have got every other week of the year to be a solitary Christian. This week do yourself—and God, and Christ, and the living body of Christ on earth—a favor. [Read more...]

His body all broken

“Love the sinner, hate the sin!” comes the call from the right / “It’s no sin to be gay!” gets one into the fight [Read more...]

Giving up myself for Lent


Along with meat and alcohol, this year for Lent I’m going to give up something else. Insofar as I can, I’m going to give up myself. [Read more...]

More love!


A bit of advice for the new year. [Read more...]