Conservative Christian couple wants to out their gay teen

It’s great how much they care. Up to a point. [Read more…]

Jesus Christ wouldn’t know most of Christianity today from a McDonald’s

Forget what all the negative people of the world do and say. If you give them any of your peace, they’ll take all of it. [Read more…]

Pastor torn between being an LGBT ally and being angry with a young father who suddenly wants to live as a woman

Here’s a letter I got in yesterday from a pastor whom I know to be a good and true LGBT ally: John, I’m having an issue coming to terms with something that’s happening in the life of a woman at my church (whom I’ll call Sue), and was hoping you could offer some insights or [Read More…]

Pastor calls his Christian teenage son “disgraceful, demon-possessed poison.” Guess why.

I’ve been trying for hours to think of how to respond to the poor young person who wrote me the letter below. Usually I tell teens in this situation to simply lie to their parents: say you’re straight; smile a lot; get what love from them you can; get out. I advise this because I know [Read More…]

New pastor refuses church membership to beloved church congregant with cancer. Guess why.

The pastor shifted positions in his chair, and said, “You’re not going to like the direction this conversation is about to go.” [Read more…]

A Christian mother on raising her gay teen

I wish this letter from the Christian mom of a gay teen could be read by everyone who thinks that being either gay or a gay ally is a sin. [Read more…]

When Christian parents of a gay teen disagree on homosexuality

The gay-affirming Christian mother of a gay teen writes to ask how I would advise her relative to her husband, who believes that being gay is a sin. [Read more…]

“We’re Christians whose son-in-law has come out as transgender. What do we do?”

Her beloved son-in-law, the father of her granddaughter, has revealed that he is transgender and will soon begin the male-to-female process. Here’s my advice to her. [Read more…]

Is there a pro-LGBT equivalent to “It’s in the Bible”?

If for some reason I find it incumbent upon me to boil down into one short statement everything I know about why it’s no sin to be gay, I’m always pleased to say this: [Read more…]

Challenging the evil empire of anti-gay Christians, and the resurfacing of old fundie fears

How to I deal with Christians promoting hate; how do I quell my old fundie fears? [Read more…]