“Friend of God’s”: A Sermon by Pastor Bob

(This is the sermon of Pastor Bob’s that I failed to get up this past Sunday morning. PB told me that he wrote it with you guys, my readers, in mind. I can see that he did. This sermon means a lot to me personally, because in it Bob reflects upon his recent visit with [Read More…]

“Pruning”: A Sermon by Pastor Bob

One day he and I were out on Sid’s backyard and Sid was doing some pruning. Having pruned several branches Sid said to me, “let me show you a trick.” He bent down to the dirt and gathered a handful, which he then rubbed over the fresh cuts on the branches.I assumed this was a [Read More…]

“Grab the Feet of Jesus”: A Sermon by Pastor Bob

“I’ll never forget the time when one man who was fairly new to the congregation shared with me the first time he had touched the feet of Jesus. He was an engineer working in Seattle for Boeing. He helped design the wiring for Boeing 747, among others.He was obviously intelligent, and obviously in pain. I [Read More…]

“Fast Forward”: A Palm Sunday sermon by Pastor Bob

“It is all so wrong. This is not how the story should go. Betrayal, denial three times and now: public torture. Crucified along the main road into Jerusalem, he was a teacher, a rabbi now naked and dying between two criminals. It’s not fair. It’s not right. This is not justice. It is humiliation, dehumanization. [Read More…]

“God So Loved the World”: A sermon by Pastor Bob

God so loved the world that he did for it, and for us, these six things. [Read more…]

Cosmic Battle: A Sermon by Pastor Bob

“No matter how enlightened we become, how educated, how affluent, how socially aware and self-reflective, we must, if we are honest with ourselves, admit that there is something wrong with us. We can’t seem to get past hurting ourselves and this planet. Is this brokenness, this sin, this evil . . . is it personified? [Read More…]

An Immoderate God: A Sermon by Pastor Bob

“We do not have long to live in this world. We don’t have the luxury of moderation. Nor do we want it. This immoderate love with which God holds us, is so extreme that it raises people from the dead. Not only does it challenge us to give up the literal death-hold that our addictions [Read More…]

Temptation: A sermon by Pastor Bob

Perhaps the greatest temptation we face is that temptation that has been with us from the beginning: the temptation to ask and wonder: Is there really a God? [Read more…]

Mountain Climbers: A sermon by Pastor Bob

“I invite you on such a journey, but know that it is not an easy one. You may find your life changed, even turned upside down. You may have to leave some fishing nets or broken tablets behind. You may wonder if you have anything to say at all about God. But nonetheless, I invite [Read More…]

Radical Witness: A Sermon by Pastor Bob

“Basically, until Christ comes again—until the dead are raised, and the culmination of the Kingdom of God is fulfilled—-there are still a lot of questions on the table about God. It is the nature of our faith. It is not always an easy witness.” [Read more…]