Top 10 differences between California and North Carolina

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Except for the first five years of my life, which I spent in the South (I was born in Nashville), I have always lived in California. This past August I moved to North Carolina. Here are ten main differences that I have found between living in California and living in North Carolina: 1. Churches California: [Read More...]

The only “marketing category” that matters


I became a Christian very suddenly, out of nowhere, when I was thirty-eight years old. So I’ve been a (gay-affirming, anti-fundamentalism, anti-evangelizing, pro-women, sane) Christian for … um (curses! math strikes again!) 19 years. But I’ve been a writer for nearly 50 years. (I wrote my first short story when I was eight. It was the interior [Read More...]

The novel reason I moved across the country


This past May I finished the novel I’d spent the previous year writing. It’s the book I have wanted to write my whole life. It took me, in truth, a year and four decades to write: from the time I was a young man I have started and abandoned countless versions of it. I have never [Read More...]

A reminder that I’ve moved my blog back to

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This is just a reminder for my Patheos friends that, about two months ago (with the post Calling My Community of Caring Commenters), I moved my blog back to It’s not that I’ve stopped posting here on Patheos; it’s only that I now first post my articles on—and then, a few days later (though lately [Read More...]

Spam I am


Lately I’ve grown pretty darn tubby, to the extent that I feel as if a whole other person—like, say, an eight-month-old baby—is strapped to my stomach, a baby which, like any baby, has a whole arena of needs and desires of its own. [Read more...]

An explanation of my editor, ghostwriter, and writing coach services

I offer six editorial and writing services: Project Evaluation, Project Development, Substantive Editing, Writing Coach, Telling Your Story and Editing Your Website. [Read more...]



Ah, life. It sure won’t hold still. [Read more...]

Want me to evaluate, edit, co-write, ghostwrite, or help you develop your writing project?

If you think you might be interested in my serving as your editor, book doctor, or writing coach, email me at [Read more...]

Why the Christian middle ground is no place for me


When I was thirty-eight years old, I felt broken. I had a terrible past I couldn’t psychologically shake. I smoked too much weed and drank too much booze. I had no career and didn’t want one, because the only thing I’d ever cared about being was a writer. Two years before I’d had a spate of [Read More...]

Priest denies confession to girl desperate to tell her secret


She wants to confess her secret. She’s told to keep quiet unless she makes a promise that she knows she can’t keep. [Read more...]