Ever said any of these 7 things? Then you just might be a racist.

Have you ever said any of the seven things below? If so, then you just might be a racist. Well, actually, that’s not true. If you’ve ever said any of the seven things below, you’re definitely a racist. So, you know: Stop it. Stop being a racist. Stop it right now. For one, it’s just [Read More…]

“What’s My Wife’s Problem?”

Either this man needs to close his laptop, or he’s married to a lesbian. Tough call. [Read more…]

How to Win Every Argument With Your Wife

The post you are looking for is included in HA!, a full-sized collection of five years worth of my best humor. If you are a Kindle owner and a member of Amazon Prime, you can borrow HA! for free, with no due dates. (If you don’t own a Kindle, here’s where to get one. To [Read More…]

Single Women: Do Not Try To Change Him

A bit more on the general subject touched upon with yesterday’s, “Stop Wasting Time Looking for Mr. Right.” If you’re a single woman, a good thing to understand about any man with whom you’re thinking about getting more deeply involved or even married is that men don’t change. They are who they are. Love and [Read More…]

Stop Wasting Your Time Looking For Mr. Right

A single woman recently wrote me this: What do guys want? I’m an intelligent, good-hearted woman with a lot to offer any man. But all the men I meet seem to have some sort of congenital aversion to commitment—to settling down, getting serious, getting married. But isn’t that the best life has to offer — [Read More…]

Top 10 Tips For Becoming a Better Husband

Thirty years of being married has taught me these ten things any man can do to make himself a better husband. Tip number one? Embrace your wrongness. [Read more…]

Why Men Are So Bad at Valentine’s Day

The problem isn’t that men are no good at Valentine’s Day. The problem is they’re TOO good at it. [Read more…]

Five Things Women Don’t Know About Men

One of the things in life of which men are most acutely aware is that there are women everywhere. Today, for instance, I’ve already seen five or six different women. And that was just looking out my living room window. And no, I don’t stand in my living room, blatantly ogling people as they walk [Read More…]

10 Mistakes Even Good Managers Make

My wife Catherine is a fantastic manager. In her 30-plus years as a … well, boss at work, she has learned how to do it right. She’s pretty much guaranteed to be the best boss anyone who’s ever worked for her has ever had. Here is her list of 10 mistakes even good managers make: [Read more…]

The Radical Immaturity of True Romantic Love

To the question I posed yesterday—Is It EVER Okay to Be Facebook Friends With an Ex?—I caught a flurry of protestations for answering an unqualified “no.” In general, the arguments proffered by those claiming that it is okay for a husband or wife to maintain, via Facebook, actively open lines of communication with one or [Read More…]