Should you be married, and Facebook friends with an ex?

Goose, gander, etc. [Read more…]

Letter From a Christian Woman Whose Non-Christian Husband Committed Suicide

I get my fair share of heartbreaking letters and emails. But this one, which came in yesterday as a comment to my post When Your Husband Derides Your Faith, is especially painful: John, I have been so deep in this situation for the past several years. I grew up unchurched but came to Christ about [Read More…]

All rape is hate rape

Rape is to sex what waterboarding is to going swimming. [Read more…]

Hollywood: Go Polanski Yourself

A point-by-point refutation of the arguments Hollywooders are presenting in defense of the pedophile Roman Polanski. [Read more…]

When Your Husband Derides Your Faith

In response to a recent post of mine entitled When You Love Someone Who Doesn’t Love Christ, a woman wrote me the following heartbreaking letter: John, I don’t believe that I happened across your blog by accident. I’m fairly new to the Christian journey, being a “recovering Catholic.” When my husband and I got married eight [Read More…]

My Wife and I Never, Ever Fight. I’m Too Close to God For Anything That Pedestrian.

A few people wrote to ask if a big fight between my wife Cat and me is what caused me to pen True Love: The Cruise Ship That Can’t Stay Afloat. I totally appreciate any concern ever shown me by any of my readers—it’s just the sweetest thing—but can you imagine? First you publish a [Read More…]

True Love: The Cruise Ship That Can’t Stay Afloat?

In the past, and particularly recently (with You Want Me To Emote About My Wife? Fine! Here It Is!), I’ve written about how in love I am with my wife Cat, and what a wonderful relationship we have and all that. But just to be clear:  I fully comprehend that while love can be a [Read More…]

My Wife: Beautiful on the Outside–But That’s It

They say beauty is only skin deep. But thank God for that quarter-inch of skin. Because right beneath it lies a packed, jumbled mass of mess a starving vulture wouldn’t eat cold. You can just imagine God, having finished the basic design of humans, saying, “Yikes! Okay, if we expect humans to reproduce, we’ve gotta [Read More…]

Lady at Starbucks Loudly Accuses Mom of Child Abuse! Just Now!

I’m sitting inside a dinky Starbucks. About eight people are standing in line for fancy joes. It’s a baking 95 degrees outside. A woman—30ish, cut-off jeans, sleeveless tee—just burst into the store and called out, “Hey! Does anyone in here have a car out there with four kids in it?” No one replied; everyone just [Read More…]

You Guys Are The Best: Thank You

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank those of you who, in response to Question of the Week: Does My Wife Have Cancer?, Waving Into the Dark, and God and I Discuss My Wife Having Cancer, wrote to send my wife Cat and me your prayers, love and personal stories sharing your [Read More…]