Pornography and who we really are


Lots of people get hurt when you drop a coin into the coffers of the producers of online porn by visiting their websites. And in the very now of that moment, not least amongst those people getting hurt is you. [Read more...]

What no one can forgive


Find yourself unable to finally and completely forgive a terrible transgression against you–to “just let it go”? This is for you. [Read more...]

The truth about dead people

A few people have asked me (some kindly, some … not so much) how I reconcile my kind and loving thoughts about my dad after he died (i.e., My Dad Died Today), with the sometimes less warm feelings about him that I expressed before he went to that big Dad lounge-chair in the sky. [Read more...]

If your Father’s Day isn’t quite so happy

People always say that life is short. And in most ways it certainly is. But in one key way it’s long. And that way is relative to how, over the course of one’s life, one’s feeling about one’s parents inevitably change. [Read more...]

Recognizing When Your Elderly Parent Has Dementia

The other day this comment appeared on my post 15 Ways to Stay Sane Caring for an Elderly Parent: [Read more...]

Can this wife abuser change?

Got this in: Hello John, I am an abusive man. I have found many books and websites for abused women. Could you post some suggestions for any abusers who find your website? I admitted my abuse a couple of months ago. I started counseling just last week. I have also found a life skills course [Read More...]

Mother’s Day: Raised Too Alone (by John Shore)


If your mother’s unhappiness—her pain, her dysfunction, her drama—was more precious to her than you could ever be. [Read more...]

Love: Like a teacup on the Titanic

Got this in: Hello, Sir! I’ve read through your work, and especially liked your 2+2=5  post. I have a problem that makes me very sad, and I can’t change anything about it, so I followed your advice in that post, asked for peace, and got some! Except it was temporary relief … Maybe I asked wrong? [Read more...]

One Man. Two fiancees. One prenup-nup?

In this morning: Hi John, We are three professionals, myself and two women that are talking about living together. There are no children in the picture and not sure if there will be or not. I have given a lot of thought of how to structure an agreement so it is fair to us all [Read More...]

Sexual Abuse and the Luck of the Draw

Apropos to my last post, Six Things to Know About Sexual Abuse and Forgiveness, I late last night wrote as a status on my Facebook page: I think if there’s one message that victims of abuse need to hear and believe, it’s that every single ounce of the total power of their lives is still [Read More...]