The miracle of one dog plus lots of love

Hi guys. The letter below is from a good woman I know. It doesn’t describe 1/100th of what she does out of love for her fiancĂ©. Please help this young couple if you can. And you absolutely can, no matter what, by maximally sharing this post—and especially this link. Please do that, a lot. The [Read More...]

What does a woman mean when she says “I need space”?

Dear John, A good friend of mine suggested I contact you. I am now at the end of a five-year relationship and I am feeling lost as to what happened. We have had no fights, no disagreements, no infidelity. Just all of a sudden, it is over. I came home yesterday to a “Dear John” [Read More...]

The Bible vs. the bottle

I was raised in a Christian family, and have professed my faith since I was a young child. I was also homeschooled in the middle of nowhere, with my only socialization being in the church and youth group I grew up in. As you can imagine, I was a very sheltered child. [Read more...]

15 Ways to Stay Sane Caring For an Elderly Parent

One of the most emotionally complex and difficult things a person can experience is taking care of an elderly parent. I recently spent time tending to my aging, widowed father, and thought I’d pass along these fifteen points, each of which I found to be significantly helpful during this phase of my own life. [Read more...]

“Seven Reasons Women Stay in Abusive Relationships”: paperback, Kindle sale, review

I’m very pleased to announce that my Seven Reasons Women Stay in Abusive Relationships and How to Defeat Each One of Them is now available in paperback for $7.99. Also, the Kindle edition of this book is also now on sale, down from $7.99 to $4.99. Seven Reasons is also available as a NookBook. Sarah [Read More...]

“Seven Reasons Women Stay in Abusive Relationships” now in paperback

This book of mine is now available in paperback for $7.99. It’s of course also still available in Kindle and NookBook editions. [Read more...]

Is premarital sex okay?

So lately a few college-age people have written to ask what I think about premarital sex. (Those who wrote are Christian, but I would answer the same if they weren’t.) Ah, spring. As the great Shakespeare put it, “Tis the humpiest of seasons.” Anyway, right. So: [Read more...]

Woman whose 9-year-old was drugged and raped checks in

This just came in, and thought I’d take a moment to share it, for those of my readers who did such a great job of showing our friend here the kind of love and support she needed to … well, end up writing me this (which I’m sharing with, of course and always, her permission): [Read more...]

61, gay, and closeted: is it too late for him?

So here’s a letter I got in: I’m a 61-year-old gay man who is still pretty much in the closet. I’ve very selectively come out to a few friends over the years, and, of course, to my gay friends. But I just can’t seem to build up momentum to come out in a bigger way. [Read More...]

She’s abused no more

This morning I received this from a woman named Barb (who is happy to share it [along with her first name]): Dear John, I want to thank you for your book Seven Reasons Women Stay In Abusive Relationships. After thirty years of marriage to a man abusive on every level, I walked away eight months [Read More...]