Tell me/us about your weather

What’s going on with the weather where you live? [Read more…]

The mother we never had

If your mother’s unhappiness—her pain, her dysfunction, her drama—was more precious to her than you could ever be. [Read more…]

Woman having affair with her pastor’s wife: “I ended it.” Chalk up 3 more lives decimated by anti-gay “Christianity.”

How wonderful to be straight, and by that fact alone deserve God’s favor! Meanwhile, year in and year out, gay kids commit suicide at three times the rate of straight kids. [Read more…]

She’s having an affair with her pastor’s wife

A woman writes to ask advice on the affair she’s having with her pastor’s husband. [Read more…]

Your abuser can’t know himself like you know him

This is for anyone in an abusive relationship. [Read more…]

Yoga pants in public

Walking to our car after our yoga class last night, my wife and I were chatting about women generally, and her in particular, wearing yoga pants in public. Once in our car, after a long moment of silence, she said, “So here’s the bottom line. If a woman wears yoga pants in public, she’s being [Read More…]

Is it a sin to look at porn?

Lots of people get hurt when you drop a coin into the coffers of the producers of online porn by visiting their websites. And in the very now of that moment, not least amongst those people getting hurt is you. [Read more…]

When bad Christians happen to good women

Why is it that converting to Christianity turns so many people into dinks? [Read more…]

What no one can forgive

Find yourself unable to finally and completely forgive a terrible transgression against you–to “just let it go”? This is for you. [Read more…]

The truth about dead people

A few people have asked me (some kindly, some … not so much) how I reconcile my kind and loving thoughts about my dad after he died (i.e., My Dad Died Today), with the sometimes less warm feelings about him that I expressed before he went to that big Dad lounge-chair in the sky. [Read more…]