“The Smith Family Chronicles 8: Bob’s Dream” (And a Novel Idea!)

“Bob’s Dream” is the final episode of “The Smith Family Chronicles.” Here is why I’ve ended the series. (If you’re not familiar with “Smith Family,” this video will of course make zero sense to you. You can watch all seven of the previous episodes  here on my blog, or on my YouTube channel.) [Read more…]

Jesus: “Why Do I Allow Evil to Exist?”

Theologians and religious philosophers of every stripe are forever bumping their heads up against the “unsolvable” problem of the theodicy–the question of why God allows evil. Beyond perhaps assuring them a measure of job security, I have no idea why they or anyone else should find the theodicy such an enduring conundrum. If you accept [Read More…]

The Smith Family Chronicles 7: “Have You Forgotten Our Love?”

Sometimes people who begin their spiritual journey full of inspired joy and a passion for loving God become, over time, dogmatic in their beliefs, and harsh in their moral judgements of others. In this, episode seven of The Smith Family Chronicles, we discover what might have occasioned that unhappy progression in the life of one [Read More…]

The Smith Family Chronicles 6: “I Give Up On Christianity.”

If you’re just joining us, The Smith Family Chronicles will get you up to speed. [Read more…]

What Betty Said

This is the text of  “The Smith Family Chronicles 5: Betty’s Soliloquy.“ [Read more…]

The Smith Family Chronicles 5: Betty’s Soliloquy

Betty spends some alone time after learning more in one day than anyone should ever have to. [Read more…]

The Smith Family Chronicles 4: “Hello. I Am Your Son.”

Conservative Evangelical Bob Smith meets the son he didn’t know he had. [Read more…]

Oh the Secrets We Keep, the Lies We Tell

Marital loyalty and infidelity. Sexuality run amok. Christians suddenly faced with adult non-aborted children raised Muslim. Pastors with secrets no one should have. [Read more…]

The Smith Family Chronicles 3: “You Will Not Take My Daughter From Me!”

In Episode One of The Smith Family Chronicles, Jane Smith shared with her father something about herself that completely freaked him. In Episode Two, Jane’s girlfriend Tracy proved an excellent new housemate. Luckily for Bob, in this, Episode Three, his wife Betty is unarmed. And yet something tells us, in the end, that the bell [Read More…]

The Smith Family Chronicles 2: “Is It Really God’s Will That I Live Alone?”

What does it mean to be a young lesbian woman in a close and loving evangelical family? How do you come out to your father? How does he respond when you do? How does your mother react to the news? How about your brother, your best friend, your pastor? Who helps you swim through those [Read More…]