Mary and Joseph discussing amongst themselves

(Hello, friends. I want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas [and/or the happiest of holiday seasons]. Below is something I wrote a few years back, which, every year, I’m happy to learn of at least one church somewhere performing as part of their Christmas celebration. I share it here [Read More…]

North Carolina Republicans temporarily forget they’re Americans

But they’ll remember, by and by. [Read more…]

Are you listening, Bob Jones University?

Here’s hoping that God, through the voices of the people with whom GRACE spoke, speaks to the men who run Bob Jones University, and that they are wizened by His/Her counsel. [Read more…]

Young Earth Creationists show their stuff

  For today’s post I put up, over on the Unfundamentalist Christians group blog, Young Earth Creationists make their point. It features a lot of comments from Young Earth Creationists, who’d like to dictate the curriculum of our public schools. Be afraid. [Read more…]

BIG SALE! My e-books now $2.99 each, print $5.99 – $8.99

For a limited time only, my e-books are on sale for $2.99 each. That’s the Kindle or Nook edition of UNFAIR, 7 Reasons, I’m OK—You’re Not, Penguins, Ten Ways Christians Fail to be Christian, Hell No! and HA!, for $2.99 each. (For NookBook links of same, see side-column at right.) Print editions of these books [Read More…]

Christians: Are we evolving yet?

[Read more…]

New book; new website where I’ll write it

Hey, guys. So the other day I published the opening of the new book I’m writing, which I was planning to write, post by post, right here on my blog. I pretty quickly thereafter understood that a better idea would be to write the book on an entirely separate website. So for that purpose I [Read More…]

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From the Christian Mother of a Transgender Young Man

(I last week received this very moving letter.) Dear John, Sometimes I think that being able to see from the perspective of a mother what my daughter (who is now my son) went through before his admission of his true self shows why God is with us, no matter what. [Read more…]

Writing: Me Off

Hi, guys. So remember the aborning book of mine I wrote about in LGBT Christians: Tell Evangelicals (and the World) Your Story ? (For those of you who are … normal, aborning is a weird but I think cool-sounding old word meaning being born or produced.) I’ve got to finish that book. The whole world feels [Read More…]