“Goo-goo!” I said, hoping

The post you are looking for is included in HA!, a full-sized collection of five years worth of my best humor. If you are a Kindle owner and a member of Amazon Prime, you can borrow HA! for free, with no due dates. (If you don’t own a Kindle, here’s where to get one. To [Read More…]

My Giant Baby Head

One of my earliest babyhood memories is realizing that my head was so huge I couldn’t move it. From the shoulders up I felt like a small section of garden hose jammed into a bowling ball. And I really yearned to move my head, too. I wanted to participate in the life I could hear [Read More…]

Oh, Boy. I’ve Been “Tagged.”

If my friend Jaime Windon hadn’t done this to me, I wouldn’t be … having this be done to me. But she did. And I am. And … so here we are. So then. First, I guess, I’m supposed to post, right here, this, which I cut and pasted from her site: So I’ve been “tagged” [Read More…]

Baby Hitchhiker

The Cruelest Taxi of All When I was a baby I absolutely refused to crawl. It was just too humiliating: giant diapered rear up in the air, knees and hands unnaturally suffering. Forget it. For me, it was the Upright Bipedal Stride, or come pick me up. Even as an infant, I understood that compromise [Read More…]