The Laziest Christian in the World

Everything about us is geared toward action. We are a busy, busy people. It’s great! We do stuff. We move; we go; we participate; we enliven; we improve; we change; we conquer; we build. We are born to answer our own call to alter. [Read more…]

Doing Christianity vs. Being Christian

Here’s an expansion upon my Tweet o’ this morning that read: “Watch that you don’t sacrifice being a Christian for doing Christianity.” Sometimes I think that in our efforts to be all that we can be when it comes to Christ, we make Him entirely too complicated. As a means of proving that he loves [Read More…]

Do You Bore God?

Christians like to think in terms of themselves or others being “pleasing to God.” But isn’t that about the most boring way of framing your relationship to God? Because who doesn’t know when they’re behaving in a way that’s displeasing to God? Who can’t tell when they’re working against God’s interest? Who sins, and doesn’t [Read More…]