A Reader Asks, “How Do You Handle the Negative Comments On Your Blog?”

Here’s an email I got in this past weekend (from “denver,” who is one of my best commenters): I’ve been reading your blog for a while now (love it!), and most of the time can get into the comments and discuss and debate and feel better for it. But sometimes, when people start getting nasty [Read More…]

My Blog and the Silly Putty People

Running a blog is like posting a big sign on the gate outside of your house that says, “Like this house? Come in! Have a seat! Talk amongst yourselves!” And people do! They wander in, they look around; they might say a word or two: perhaps a big speech, perhaps only a snide aside. They [Read More…]

Has a Cockroach Skittered Into This, My Online Home?

Hey, quick note. Sometimes I get too busy to monitor with proper asssiduousness the myriad comment threads simultaneously happening here on my blog. In some very real ways I count on my readers/commentators to keep things here reasonable, and at least reasonably polite. I’ve seen what happens when people show up here who are, shall [Read More…]