My New Love Looks and Acts Just Like My Ex!

I love my blog. We’ve been through a lot together. Confusing license plates. Baby future astronauts from the past. Appliance porn. Me on drugs. Good times all. But, alas, those times have ended. Why? Because I broke up with my blog, man. It wasn’t the blog. It was me. [Read more…]

Has a Cockroach Skittered Into This, My Online Home?

Hey, quick note. Sometimes I get too busy to monitor with proper asssiduousness the myriad comment threads simultaneously happening here on my blog. In some very real ways I count on my readers/commentators to keep things here reasonable, and at least reasonably polite. I’ve seen what happens when people show up here who are, shall [Read More…]

Send Me Your Blog Address for My Blogroll!

[Update: I’ll leave this post up through today–being July 20, doncha know–and then be sure to get these blogs onto my blogroll ASAP. Probably take me … I dunno. Day, maybe. Whatever. But I’ll get ’em done. Cuz you know how I do.] The other day I finally got around to explaining why I don’t [Read More…]

How I Got a Blog on Huffington Post (And Help Me Mooch Indian Food!)

Last night Cat and I had drinks and dinner with a new friend (DR!) at this place, if you can stand the ridiculous beauty of it. (Our Actual Table was the one to the right of the standing waiter with the blue shirt, where the four guys in sunglasses are playing Quick: Tell Us Apart.) [Read More…]

What Am I Going to Do with You People?

I’m so confused. Today I was doing a fairly massive amount of writing about tithing. In the course of that work I wrote, If, as we have seen above, Paul makes a strong case for believers giving to the church, Jesus Christ makes an even stronger case for believers giving to the poor. [Read more…]

Rock-Munching Gull + Rocky the Plummeting Squirrel = ?

I’m sitting on the beach right now on my little fold-out, nylon-strapped chair, writing on my laptop. I’m feeling very Gilligan Goes Thoughtful. Very California Dreamin’. [Read more…]

Quotable Me

Last week someone told me they were going to put something I wrote in the “Favorite Quotations” part of their Facebook profile. “You’ll be right there between Rumi and Wayne Dyer!” enthused this FB-buddy. Who doesn’t like to be quoted? Not I. Then, two days ago, I thought, “Hey: I know! I’ll try Twittering again [Read More…]

Blogging. Flogging. What’s the Diff?

This morning a reader, “urbanruralwitness,” left the saddest comment on my post My Cup Runneth Over. “At least more than 1 person looks at your blog,” he or she wrote. “Unlike me. Let me ask: Was it tough to start this blog? How did other people notice you? My blog is now a bud. A [Read More…]

Six Tips For Making Your Blog Way More Poopular

1. Ignore other blogs. Conventional wisdom has it that reading, commenting on, and linking to other people’s blogs will bring traffic to yours. But since when do people at conventions have good advice? Why would seeing you dining at someone else’s restaurant make anyone think your restaurant must be great? Act like the only party [Read More…]

How To Make a tinyURL in a Tiny Moment

In order to transform a long and unwieldy url/website address (such as wonderful/extremelybrilliant adp p.x=300&tdork.y=75&nolife=%252b KZmeiIh6N%2 52bIgpXRP3bylMaN0 …) into the shorter tiny-urls (that look like this: that you often see people using in their Facebook and Twitter statuses (statisi?), all you have to do is this: Cut/save the url you want to shorten; go to ; [Read More…]