Why You Want a Big Book Publisher to Reject Your Book

If you want to publish a book, publish it yourself. If you’re not famous you’ll have to anyway—and if you are famous, you’d be fourteen kinds of dense not to. [Read more…]

What Book Publishers Want Most, But Can’t Have

A continuation of the conversation I started with yesterday’s My New Book Has Taken Over My Head. Here are a few random thoughts floating through my head as I take a break this morning from working on my new book: What kind of stupid business am I in, anyway? Giving your book to an agent, so [Read More…]

My New Book Has Taken Over My Head

What I should do is kill this blog. It’s about my only hope for finishing the book I’m now writing, which is so important to me I can’t think about anything else anyway. Then again, stop blogging? Nayeth! I sayeth unto your eyeballs. The working title of my new book is All In … Almost: [Read More…]

Don’t Worry About An Agent or Editor Stealing Your Book

In response to my post “Penguins,” My Blasphemous Christian Book, Finally Returns Home, I received a couple of emails from people wondering what a writer can do to protect his or her work from being stolen by a literary agent. I’m actually asked that pretty often, so I thought I’d take a moment to answer [Read More…]